A weekend with baby Georgia

Look at that face!

Our weekend with Guion’s parents and their new 12-week-old puppy, Georgia, went so very well!

Meeting baby Georgia!

Deciding whether to venture out

Georgia was a bit nervous having Pyrrha around at first, but in about 15 minutes, she had warmed up and the two became fast friends.

Papa Pratt with the pups

Ready to rumble

Much to my delight, Pyrrha was great with Georgia. She was much gentler than I expected and she seemed able to temper her energy level and play to Georgia’s size and age. The two of them had lots of wrestling sessions indoors and then played hide-and-seek and chase in the backyard.

Playing with the puppy

Playing with the puppy

Playing with the puppy

Playing with the puppy

Playing with the puppy

We had a freak snow on Saturday (the day before had been 60 degrees F), but the pups loved it. Georgia particularly liked eating mouthfuls of snow and ice.

Surprise snow

Surprise snow

All in all, Georgia is a precious, spunky puppy, who is very cuddly and sweet. She has a lot of spirit and attitude, and I’m looking forward to watching her grow up.

Puppy at my feet

All tuckered out

It’ll be interesting to discover how big she gets, as we will visit again in early April. I was so heartened by how well Pyrrha did, too, and am thankful that she has a new playmate in the family.

Puppy at my feet

Gimme dat toy


10 thoughts on “A weekend with baby Georgia

  1. They are so sweet together! I especially love that deck picture, with Georgia sitting with your father in law (I’d guess) looking right at you, and Pyrrha looking so happy!

  2. Fabulous that everything went well with Pyrrha and Georgia! I thought it would, but it’s nice to read about their succcessful playdate together!
    I’m sure that they’re friends for life! 🙂

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