Dog park Sunday

We finally had a sunny and moderately warm day this Sunday, so we decided to take Pyrrha back to the local dog park for her second visit.

This time, there were many more dogs, and Pyrrha was considerably more anxious about it.

Dog park Sunday

For the first 10 minutes or so, she slunk around with her tail between her legs, but after that, she perked right up and became one of the gang. We stayed for almost an hour and a half and saw a rotating door of dogs of many shapes and sizes.

Dog park Sunday

Dog park Sunday

Dog park Sunday

Dog park Sunday

Dog park Sunday

Again, it was heartening to see how she can warm up over time and really enjoy herself with lots of new dogs and new people giving her lots of attention.

Dog park Sunday

I think we’ll be going back again soon!


4 thoughts on “Dog park Sunday

  1. Glad Pyrrha got her confidence up.

    I’m nervous about dog parks. And some trainers think they’re a disaster waiting to happen. But Honey loves to play.

    Our solution is to go early in the morning when there are fewer than a dozen dogs. I feel most comfortable when it’s a small group.

  2. I have to be honest, and say that I am jealous!! The local dog parks around here do not typically have a lot of responsible dog owners, and therefore they are filled with dog bullies… it makes it really difficult for me to feel confident taking any of our pups! Good for you guys though, I think good dog parks are worth their weight in gold! Lucky Pyrrha 🙂

  3. That looks like a really great dog park. It’s fully enclosed, has double gates at the entrance, and there are no chairs for the humans to laze about on. Kind of forces them to interact and keep tabs on their dogs! I take Cabana to our dog park every day. I think it’s so important for dogs to be able to play and interact with other dogs. So glad Pyrrha is getting comfortable with it all.

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