Checking in on me

Checking in on me

Wherever I go, I always get the sense that someone is following me…

(Truthfully, I like having such a sweet dog who likes to keep constant tabs on me. This might annoy some people, but I love it. Yes, even when she tries to squeeze herself into our tiny bathroom with me. And all this from a dog who would formerly hide from us in corners of the house! She is such a gem. I can’t help it; I like to gush about her sometimes. It always makes my day to remember how far she’s come.)


7 thoughts on “Checking in on me

  1. Gizmo does this too…he likes to know where am I and what I’m up to…once he checks in he may stay or he may go away but it’s kind of nice to think that someone is watching

  2. Nikita and Bella both do this with us. Never do we have our own time in the bathroom with two dogs in the house! LOL I love it too though as they follow me everywhere in the house and I get lots of snuggle time with them during the day!

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