How to foster a dog: Resources

As we are moving toward the idea of being a foster home (landlords have approved us! Yay!), I have been searching for lots of inspiration and advice for first-time dog fosters.

Greeting Blake
Pyrrha meets friends at a Southeast German Shepherd Rescue event.

The first place I looked for information on fostering is the great blog Love and a Six-Foot Leash. While Aleksandra and her family have stopped fostering for now, they’ve had a ton of experience and offer excellent, thorough advice. Some of the most helpful and informative posts for wannabe fosters:

Love and a Six-Foot Leash

Lindsey at has also fostered before, and she has some great posts about it, too, including:

I’ve also enjoyed reading other dog bloggers’ experiences in fostering, including Pamela’s list of 9 Things You Must Have to Foster (Something Wagging This Way Comes) and the posts on fostering from Vanessa at The Rufus Way.

Other Blogs about Fostering I Follow

Do you blog about being a foster for dogs? If so, share your blog, and I’d be happy to add it to the list!

6 thoughts on “How to foster a dog: Resources

    1. Also, if I could tell a first-time foster only one thing, it would be to crate train the dog. For some reason, we’ve always been hesitant to crate. Once we’ve given in for a few dogs, I’ve wished we would have just crate trained them from the start.

  1. Thanks for including Dog Blessed @ Silverwalk. Recently, Paws Ability wrote this wonderful fostering post about us fosters (after reading it, I need to consider all my rescue dogs “fosters”) preparing our dogs for their real homes. I share it here Fostering Success since it goes right along with your post today. My fosters and I are looking at how we care for our dogs as preparation for their REAL homes :).

    I second Couches on crating. I see it as crucial to success in a new home as well as the foster home. Heading for the Couches now.

    Looks like you’re doing due diligence for fostering as you did preparing for Pyrrha. YESH.

  2. We have been foster parents in the past, but not much recently. I can tell you that we found it to be a really fun and rewarding experience. We had two dogs who were very good with other dogs while we fostered, so they helped our fosters a lot, probably more than we as humans did. But it was a great feeling to see them with their families later and be greeted with great enthusiasm. My advice would be to watch Pyrrha really closely and see if you think she’s ready to handle it, and if you think she is, ask for an easy foster to start with.

  3. You’ve found some great inspiration on line. I think Aleksandra, in particular, has shared great information in some really sweet posts.

    Thanks for sharing my post in such good company.

    I can’t wait to read about your foster experiences.

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