Pyrrha turns 2!

Happy birthday, sweet P!

Birthday shoot in black-and-white

Unlike many rescue dogs, we actually know Pyrrha’s birthday, since she was registered with the AKC by her breeder. And, so, today, she turns two!

She still has tons of puppy energy and quirks. Here, she is getting really excited about the stick in my hand…

Birthday shoot in black-and-white

Birthday shoot in black-and-white

Birthday shoot in black-and-white

Ah, a stick. Better than any kind of fancy birthday present!

Birthday shoot in black-and-white

Birthday shoot in black-and-white

We ordered this customized, handmade ID tag for her as well, although it hasn’t come in yet.

1 inch Tilly Tag with two numbers
(c) Make Your Dog Smile.

I love the look of the stamped, hammered brass! Make Your Dog Smile, the Etsy store, has tons of beautiful, modern ID tags. I love them all!

Birthday shoot in black-and-white

Happy birthday, darling Pyrrha. We love you so much, as very weird as you are. Life would be dull and monochrome without you!

How do you celebrate your dog’s birthday?


13 thoughts on “Pyrrha turns 2!

  1. Happy Birthday Sweet Girl! You are sure one beautiful dog! We celebrate our dogs birthdays with a party – friends, family and neighbors come over for cake and they bring presents for the dog! It is so much fun! We’re just silly, but we love our dogs!

  2. It is fun knowing your dog’s birthday. That said, I keep in mind that her birthday doesn’t mean much to Honey so I don’t buy her a cake or presents.

    But I make a point to do something really fun for her like a long, off-leash hike or a game of fetch in the park.

  3. Happiest of Birthdays, Miss Pyrrha! I hope it turned out to be a perfect day!

    I have a couple of recipes for dog cakes, so I either bake one or we pick one up at the dog bakery, and then we try to do something that is that dog’s favorite thing.

  4. Happy BIG day, Big Dog Pyrrha. Our Sydney got left at an animal shelter but we know his birthday, too, because he was sold locally. His birthday is the same as mine, January 4.
    Kismet, don’t you think?

  5. Heath and his people send happiest, sloppy-big-kisses kind of birthday wishes to our favorite girl Pyrrha!

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