Examine your conscience

Scruffy little dog on the street. by RazorBrown, via Flickr
By RazorBrown, via Flickr.

“If a dog will not come to you after having looked you in the face, you should go home and examine your conscience.”

— Woodrow Wilson

I love this quote; it strikes me as such an American thing to say, for some reason. But it also makes me feel like a terrible person when Pyrrha looks me in the eye and then decides to run off to chase something else!

That said, we are getting our first foster tonight! All I know is that his name is Brandon, and he is a six-year-old bicolor male who is being neutered in town. We may only have him briefly, as there is another Virginia foster home who wants older males. I’m excited and nervous! Pictures and more information to come!


6 thoughts on “Examine your conscience

  1. Wow, congratulations! I hope you have a great first foster experience. If he’s recovering from neutering, you may need to keep him separated a little from Pyrrha. But I’m sure you’ll do great.

    Can’t wait to hear all about it.

  2. So proud of you guys, and can’t wait to follow your progress! Also, feeling super guilty because I really must need to re-examine my conscience! haha My Tonka will dash straight to me when I call his name, but I certainly cannot say the same about the girls in our house! lol

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