Update to German shepherd markings post

Play-date with Ozzie
Ozzie and Pyrrha, August 2012.

Since it seems to be my most popular post, I updated my Primer on German Shepherd Markings.

Photos and descriptions have been updated, and almost all of the dogs featured are dogs that were adopted through Southeast German Shepherd Rescue, which is pretty cool. The rescue seems to have spanned the whole range of shepherd coats, colors, and types.

I think many people don’t know that shepherds can come in so many varieties. I didn’t myself until I started researching the breed! Most people immediately identify Pyrrha as a GSD, because she has such a traditional coat pattern, but even when walking Brando next to her, people didn’t seem sure that he was also a GSD. It’s fun to me to learn about the wide spectrum of coats within this one breed.

Does your dog have a surprising coat pattern? Do people often mistake him or her for another breed?

4 thoughts on “Update to German shepherd markings post

  1. Morgan looks a lot like Pyrrha, and there’s no mistaking what she is. A lot of people don’t believe that Kuster is a GSD when we tell them what he is. I find it a little funny, because I think if you look at him, he couldn’t be anything else. I have seen a steel Shepherd once, and while the dog was pretty, he also had a lot of things that I wouldn’t choose in a dog, some genetic issues that I wouldn’t choose to deal with just for looks, but I also wouldn’t cull a dog who happened to be born that way, I’d just make sure there would be no puppies from that dog. I think the oddest GSD pattern I’ve heard of is the Panda pattern.

    1. I agree with you! Kuster is definitely 100% shepherd, but so many people don’t seem to think that GSDs can be black. And yes–the panda pattern is so crazy! I should have thought to include that… even though it’s not an “official” coat pattern.

  2. I have a “purebred” aka puppy mill tweenie Dachshund who is double dappled (dappled with white) with blue eyes. I had no clue Doxies came in this color till I, too, did research after adopting him. This is an acceptable color though it cannot be bred on itself due to increased chances for lethal abnormalities. I’ve had several people tell me they prefer all black GSDs because of temperament.

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