Brando update

Poor ol’ Brando got neutered yesterday, so he’s still really out of it.

Dazed and confused: Brando post neuter

When he got home, he stumbled around the house and would freeze for minutes at a time, just staring at nothing. Sweet dude!

Dazed and confused: Brando post neuter

This morning, he was livelier, although still weak in the back end.

Dazed and confused: Brando post neuter
Couldn’t keep his little tongue in his mouth… so cute.

On the flipside, an unexpected advantage of the presence of an affectionate foster has made this little lady more attentive to her human dad:

Leaning on Guion

Leaning on Guion

But here’s the UPDATE:

Brando is moving to another foster home this weekend. Cue big sad face.

Why? Because the rescue organization needs us to foster a puppy right now, and we are one of the foster homes with a more flexible schedule (e.g., able to come home in the middle of the day).

We are very sad to not continue being a foster home for Brando, but we are also confident that he will be adopted in no time at all.

Dazed and confused: Brando post neuter

We will miss you, Brando!

Updates to come on our NEW foster, who sounds like he’s a feisty little puppy!

If you are interested in adoption Brando, fill out an application at Southeast German Shepherd Rescue!


10 thoughts on “Brando update

  1. I would have a sad face too if we were fostering Brando. That has to be the hardest thing, to let him go. We are so attached to our two dogs, and if we fostered other dogs, it would be truly hard to say goodbye. Brando seemed like such a good fit and buddy for Pyrrha, it’s too bad you don’t keep him!

  2. Brando is beautiful! I would adopt him today if I could. My female dog and I have a bit of a hole in our heart, having recently lost our best friend to cancer, who was a four-legged grand-boy to me. I’ve thought about fostering, but I doubt if I could go through letting a dog whom I had grown to love leave. That must be so hard. I’m sure too, just by looking at Brando’s photos, we would fall in love with him šŸ™‚

  3. Wow, you’re going to have a big change from a full grown dog to a puppy. Good luck!

    And happy to see Pyrrha behaving more affectionately toward Guion. I wondered if that might happen when she saw the fun Brando was having.

  4. Brando is beautiful. He is better off neutered he just doesn’t know it.
    The timing isn’t the best because he’s feeling less strong and being taken from you. I hope this doesn’t affect him.

  5. I’m happy to hear that Pyrrah has been showing Guion a bit more attention, but I’m also very sad that Brando is leaving already, as I know how much you all enjoyed having him around. I hope he finds his forever home soon!

  6. Here’s a secret to fostering – let them go so you can save more. If all fosters adopted their foster dogs, more would die because the room, love and care wouldn’t be there. Brando just seemed to be settling in with you…:(. I know you will do great with the puppy and Pyrrha will be ready for a new challenge (thought with an optimistic heart!).

  7. Aww, poor Brando. I remember Elka was SO spacey when she came home after her spay. Those painkilllers are something!

    I do hope that Brando is adopted doublequick.

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