Last day with Brando (and meeting Vera)

Our last day with Brando was a whirlwind of dog-transporting activity!

In the middle of the day, I picked up this little lady at Petco:

Sweet Vera

Isn’t she a doll? Vera is a young (11-12 week-old?) pup who is up for adoption through the rescue. She seems to be mostly German shepherd, and she has a TON of personality! Vera is a very confident, vocal, and outgoing puppy. I have no doubt that she will be adopted in a heartbeat!

Baby Vera!

Later that day, Vera needed to be transported, along with Brando, to be taken to their new homes. Vera was going to her foster and Brando would be moving up to his new foster home in the northern part of the state.

Brando and Vera

Brando and Vera

Brando turned out to be very fascinated with Vera. He was a little rough with her at first, but gradually, the three dogs settled down in the yard.

Three dogs

Pyrrha and Vera

Trifecta of shepherd protection

Brando, we will miss you, dude!

Last day with Brando

All best luck to him at his new foster home. Here’s to hoping that he finds his forever home soon.

Coming soon: An introduction to our new foster, who was also received on that crazy Friday!


6 thoughts on “Last day with Brando (and meeting Vera)

  1. Brando and Vera are so adorable and we hope that they find their “forever homes” soon! I was hoping you could help us out and pass the word that we helping the APL collect donations for their annual fundraiser called Pledge For Pets. This is our third year participating in this event as it is a great cause. If you or anyone you know would like to make a donation (in any amount), here is the link: Also, check out our blog when you get the chance too: We love when we find new friends! Hugs to you!

  2. Someone is going to adopt Vera fast – just look at that face peeking around a leg! plus she looks confident with the big dogs. Good luck, handsome Brando!

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