Amusing web searches for my dog blog

Lemme out, lemme out

People often wander over to read Doggerel through a variety of interesting online searches. I’m guilty of this, too: just typing in whatever question you have at the current second into your search bar. But I love that these are the questions that are bringing people to my blog.

Here are a few recent funny search terms that brought people here:

“why does Cesar Millan make that noise”

I’d like to know, too! Heh.

“people who abandon dogs”

… should burn in a lake of fire…

“how do I tell someone their dog is fat”

Very gently…

“why shouldn’t people pet dogs”

Sometimes, they shouldn’t because a dog might be very shy or even fear-aggressive, but I wonder what this person is getting at.

“i shouldn’t have got a dog”

Oh, no! I hope you find some more helpful solutions than what Google is probably going to offer you…

“should i get a bulldog”

Well, you know my answer

“where does a dog sleep”

Wherever it wants to. And then, this one:

“why does my dog sleep between us”

Because it is cozy and warm there!

“super dog breed”

LOL. They are all super in different ways! But best luck on your search, good sir or madam.

Has someone ever found your dog blog via a funny question?

11 thoughts on “Amusing web searches for my dog blog

  1. I’m not sure if people are finding my blog via a funny question..but I know when I wrote about ‘When your dog has the runs’, that I had an influx of comments on my Facebook page and picked up a number of ‘likes’ from teenage boys!

  2. I’m afraid to know what some of the searches are that lead people to my blog considering some of the titles we’ve used in the past!

    I missed your Bulldog post before, but I agree with you! I don’t know if you follow Doggie Stylish or not, but she often writes about things related to inbreeding and purebred dogs and cats.

  3. I must be doing something wrong or not having the right words that people search. According to my stats not too many people visit my blog. I’m hoping that the BlogPaws Conference will help.

  4. Greatly funny! I, too, get weird questions and search phrases. Thanks for sharing. If you want to see some flashy yet totally new safety stuff for walking dogs at night, come see. I met “the smartest dog in the world” YouTube star. A dog on a mission to save other dogs + their people who walk them at night.

  5. I love looking at search terms that bring people to Something Wagging. One I see quite frequently is “what does it mean if someone hates dogs.”

    I definitely plan to write a post on that topic some day.

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