Laszlo updates

Laszlo in the backyard

Laszlo updates!

Look at this adorable little dude. He is going to be hard to say good-bye to, but… we might be doing that soon!

There is a pending adoption on little Lasz, so we are awaiting further details! Excited!

And more sticks

Watching bugs

He was such a good boy at the big meet-and-greet event on Saturday with the rescue. It was a potentially overwhelming environment — tons of people, children, and several dogs (one of whom was quite agitated by the other dogs) — but Laszlo took it all in stride.

He was so friendly and affectionate to everyone who came up to pet him; his little tail would just thump, thump, thump against my side whenever someone came up to greet him. Laszlo was great with little kids, babies, men, women, the elderly, the mentally handicapped, people of a diversity of races and backgrounds, etc.; he met everyone on Saturday! It was a great socialization experience. We only stayed for about an hour and a half, because I could tell he was getting tired, but I felt like it was a great day of experience and exposure for him.

Mmm, sticks

His relationship with Pyrrha still isn’t the best — she still gets easily annoyed with him and still plays too rough with him — but he is not afraid of her anymore, so I consider that progress! He enjoys running up to her and licking her mouth, which she tolerates for a time, but when she tries to reciprocate play, she is inevitably too rough and he starts to cry. So we are usually playing referee during most of our time at home.

He has a lot more energy these days, too, which makes me wonder if he’s growing? He’s only been with us for about two weeks, but I think he’s bigger already. Look at those ears!

Being his adorable self

We are looking forward to hearing more about his potential adoption! Updates to come.

Big things in your future, bro!

6 thoughts on “Laszlo updates

  1. He is adorable. And if you can’t give him a forever home, it’s best that he goes to someone who will. Giving him up is one of the reasons I hesitate to foster.

  2. Love those big bat ears. And thrilled that Laszlo had such a good socialization experience at the adoption event.

    As for Pyrrha’s rough play, can I suggest you try something?

    When Honey was a wee pup, we arranged play dates with an older, neighbor Golden Retriever. Honey was always squealing when Riley got too rough.

    Our puppy class teacher suggested I try to hold Riley. If, after squealing, Honey continued to approach him she wasn’t hurt or frightened. The squealing was more for show and not something to worry about.

    Pyrrha may be a little rough. Or Laszlo might be “showing off” a little bit.

    1. Such a good idea! Thanks, Pamela! I have a feeling it might be the latter; Laszlo always comes back for more, even after crying about it… but we will try that tonight during their evening romp session…

  3. We used to laugh every morning when we tried to decide if Küster had gotten taller or longer overnight! Every day he seemed bigger and he wasn’t a cute little fuzzball for nearly long enough. I’m not surprised that everybody loved Laszlo! Who could resist?

    I agree with Pamela, too. Puppies have an uncanny knack for playing the sympathy card!

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