Picking up our next foster tonight!

Tonight I’ll be driving to pick up our next foster through Southeast German Shepherd Rescue!

Here is his (blurry) shelter photo:

new foster

All we know about him is that they say he is a 10-month-old male who was picked up as a stray in the countryside. And that’s it!

I always get pretty nervous when we bring in a new foster, mainly because of all the unknowns — what if he’s dog aggressive? What if Pyrrha hates him? What if he’s a constant barker? Or destructive? etc. — but it always works out, and my husband is a great mood equalizer. Thankfully, my leg of the transport isn’t too long, so I’m hoping he’s not extra rowdy, since I am unable to fit a crate in my car. I got a seatbelt-hooking harness for him… here’s to hoping that will hold!

We also get the fun task of renaming him, a job that I always love. (His shelter name is “Mel,” which is plainly awful.)

Here are the top contenders:


Which name do you like best? What would you name him?

(Obviously, we’ll probably pick a totally different name upon meeting him! Have to see them first. We were going to name Pyrrha “Inez,” but after meeting her, we knew that just wasn’t going to fit her look and temperament.)

More to come on the new guy!


7 thoughts on “Picking up our next foster tonight!

  1. Oh, man! Congratulations! I vote for “Walter”. (I know. It’s not on the list).

    I’m happy for you, but I’m THRILLED for this lucky dog. :0) Have a great day — I hope his “entry” is smooth but exciting.

  2. I really love Bowie, Murray and Knox. But like you said, that could totally change once you meet him. I totally wanted to name Rufus Baldwin due to his handsome furs and the fact that in his pictures, he looked about 20 lbs bigger haha. When we met our grumpy little dude in person, Rufus was a much better fit.

    1. Haha! Love it. I could see Rufus as a “Baldwin,” although I agree with you; I think he has the perfect name! (“Bowie” is inspired by a painting that we have in our living room that my sister did for us, of David Bowie riding a seahorse. It’s magnificent.)

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