The dog’s agenda


The dog’s agenda is simple, fathomable, overt: I want. “I want to go out, come in, eat something, lie here, play with that, kiss you.” There are no ulterior motives with a dog, no mind games, no second-guessing, no complicated negotiations or bargains, and no guilt trips or grudges if a request is denied.

— Caroline Knapp

. . . . . . . . . .

True, isn’t it? And yet it’s somehow comforting to know that our dogs’ needs are made so apparent to us (if only we’re paying attention).

Rainer has recovered well from his neuter yesterday, although he’s still a bit groggy today. Pyrrha continues with her annoying behavior toward him (essentially just harassing him, particularly when they get let out of the crates), and we’re trying to keep her away from him. Poor dude doesn’t need this crazy bitch abusing him all of the time!

I’ll be gone for a few days next week, so Guion will be holding down the fort with Rainer and Pyr! Should be a fun time…

Happy weekend, everyone, and happy early mother’s day to all of you moms out there!


3 thoughts on “The dog’s agenda

  1. Stunning photo; enjoyed Carolyn’s book -very good quote. Sigh. There’s always something between dogs. I’ve had to banish intact Ricky to the outside pen; too many ladies….who want to remain so :).

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