Best dog training treat bag

I’ve been looking for a handy, non-dorky* treat bag to wear while training Pyrrha and the fosters. (*This may be oxymoronic. Wearing ANY kind of treat-dispensing pouch is probably the pinnacle of dorkiness. But whatever.)

If you’re a lazy trainer like me, you come up with lots of excuses as to why you aren’t training your dog regularly. One of my main excuses is that I hate having greasy, meat-scented pockets and fumbling with a plastic bag of treats doesn’t make for a very fast reward schedule.

Enter the Rapid Rewards Training Pouch, created by Doggone Good.

Rapid Rewards Training Pouch, by Doggone Good.

This thing is like the multi-functional Cadillac of training pouches. Yes. You didn’t even know that was a thing. Well, now it is. Look at all of these features!

Rapid Rewards Training Pouch, by Doggone Good.
Rapid Rewards Training Pouch, by Doggone Good.

Plus, it’s discreet (I bought one in black) and not huge, so you don’t feel like you’re wearing a fanny pack. I bought mine through our trainer, at Canine Campus, and I tend to clip it onto the back of my pants (mine didn’t come with a belt). I LOVE it. I particularly like the feature of the magnet at the top, which holds the top together, so you don’t feel like all of your treats are going to spill when you move.

You can buy the most recent model on the Doggone Good site for $18.99, and there’s also a version on Amazon for $21.50.

Highly recommended. I love this thing.

Do you use a treat pouch or other apparatus for training your dog?

Disclaimer: I was NOT given this product to review; I bought it myself, but I loved it so much that I had to share!

12 thoughts on “Best dog training treat bag

  1. That’s very nice looking, reminds me of the collapsible food/water bowls I bought from Outward Hound.

    I bought two treat pouches from Petunias on Etsy. Very simple cloth pouches in dog print fabrics lined with nylon. There is a loop on the side where I attached a carabiner to each. And big bonus is that they are machine washable & dryable. With shipping they are less than $10 each.

  2. I’m in the market for a new bag. I currently use an Outward Hound bag – it’s good but kind of awkward and tilts downward when I clip it on my pants. Very excited to check this one out!

  3. I use a cheap one I picked up at PetSmart but the lining is starting to get messed up and the treats fall out sometimes if I sit down or jog. Still, having one is a hundred times better than messing with a plastic bag or pockets!

  4. I’m totally getting that treat pouch! I have a basic one that is blue and does look like a fanny pack but it doesn’t have all of those features. It has a d-ring and some small pockets but a dog bag dispenser would be amazing. This will be great for training and working at the shelter!

  5. Rapid Rewards Training Pouch is too narrow, cannot for in any cellphone!

    For training rather have 2 -3 magnet buttons to keep it closed.

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