Happy “gotcha” day, Pyrrha! First anniversary

A year ago today, we brought this scared little pup into our house:

Pyrrha, the day she was pulled from the breeder.
Pyrrha, the day she was pulled from the breeder. Late April 2012.

She was so scared of us that she couldn’t even make eye contact with us. She sulked around the backyard, avoiding contact with us at all costs. When in the house, she would hide in whatever rooms we weren’t occupying. I was starting to think we’d made a terrible mistake, that this dog was too withdrawn to ever be happy and stable…

Pyrrha in the back yard
Second day with us; too scared to interact. 19 May 2012.

But gradually, little by little, she started to bloom…

Happy puppy
1 June 2012.

… into this super-weird, goofy dog that we know and love today.

1 November 2012.

Yeah, she still has her issues, and we still work on them every day, but we love this crazy dog, neuroses and all.

At ease
30 April 2013.

Happy first anniversary of your life in our family, Pyrrha Louise! Here’s to many more years together.


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