Poem: “Spring,” by Mary Oliver

Lounging dogs
Rainer and Pyrrha in the yard.

By Mary Oliver

I lift my face to the pale flowers
of the rain. They’re soft as linen,
clean as holy water. Meanwhile
my dog runs off, noses down packed leaves
into damp, mysterious tunnels.
He says the smells are rising now
stiff and lively; he says the beasts
are waking up now full of oil,
sleep sweat, tag-ends of dreams. The rain
rubs its shining hands all over me.
My dog returns and barks fiercely, he says
each secret body is the richest advisor,
deep in the black earth such fuming
nuggets of joy!

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

So it really feels more like summer here these days, but I love this poem from Mary Oliver, about a spring walk with her dog, and the simple delight that dogs take in the little things.

Hope you all have peaceful weekends!


7 thoughts on “Poem: “Spring,” by Mary Oliver

  1. Abby, your Friday posts are so relaxing, helping me ease into a weekend “on call.” Have a GREAT weekend – good to hear Rainier and Pyrrha are adjusting again….

  2. Great poem. I was not familiar with it. Definitely still feels like spring where I am! Cute pic of those two in the yard. Your blog always makes me want a shepherd.

  3. What a great poem! I hope your weekend is wonderful, as well! Rumor has it that I’ll be playing with Shepherd puppies, so it’s not looking too bad for me!

  4. Mary Oliver remains my favorite modern poet and “Spring” has been a favorite for many years! So evocative and so knowing about canine joy!
    – Mo

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