Review: Orijen Black Angus Beef treats

When asked if we’d like to review treats from Orijen, we were more than happy to! I’ve heard great things about Orijen’s products for a while now, but I’ve frankly been too cheap to spring for them myself. We learned, though, that with Orijen, you get what you pay for, which is a very high-quality product.

Orijen Black Angus treats

When I ripped open the package, Pyrrha and Rainer went WILD.

Pyrrha and Rainer investigate treats

This photo is blurry, but this is what Pyrrha did immediately after the bag was opened:

(c) Doggerel

She has never done this before! She knows that paws are NOT allowed on the table. But the overpowering aroma of these Orijen treats was simply too much for her to handle.

(c) Doggerel

The Black Angus Beef treats are small, freeze-dried bits, and the ingredients are top-notch: Angus beef liver, boneless Black Angus beef, and Black Angus tripe. That’s IT. The meat is also preservative free and originates in Alberta. This is really impressive in the world of dog treats, which are often loaded up with starches, grains, and unpronounceable chemical mixtures. Not so with these treats.

Orijen Black Angus beef treats

Orijen is also manufactured in Canada, which is comforting, coming out of all of the horrific news of tainted dog products manufactured in China.

Overall? Pyrrha and I give these treats 5 stars.


You can buy a 2-oz. or 3.5-oz. bag of these treats from

Have you tried any Orijen products before? Did your dogs love them as much as mine did?

Disclaimer: I was provided with a bag of treats in exchange for this review, but all opinions are expressly mine.

11 thoughts on “Review: Orijen Black Angus Beef treats

  1. Are the treats small enough to use as training treats (or easy to break into bits)? My shep is ridiculously picky about her treats and turns her nose up at most of them, but these sound promising.

    1. Hi, Melissa! They are about the circumference of a nickel, maybe a little smaller? They are freeze-dried, so I think they’d be fairly easy to break up. The smell alone made our shepherds go crazy, so they might be a great training reward!

  2. We’ve never tried any Orijen products before because like you, we’re usually too cheap to pay the price =) But, it sounds like their products are exactly what we look for as far as quality and ingredients. I’m sure Athena would go bonkers for these, so we might just have to give them a try some day! Thanks for the review!

  3. I was super happy with the Orijen lamb treats we got, and Elka was too. Not paws on the table happy, though, that’s just crazy! 😉

    (such great pictures of them)

  4. I’ve seen a number of Orijen Treat reviews lately and in all of them the treats get a rousing paws up…Haven’t tried them yet, but Gizmo sez I really have to get him some soon

  5. The dogs have tried the Orijen bison, duck and original treats. The dogs love them! They go nuts for them and have started to run to our pantry when they decide it’s treat time.

  6. I love Orijen! We feed Rufus Acana, which is the “cheaper” brand in the same company. However, I usually get a 5 lb. bag of an
    Orijen formula and mix it in with his Acana kibble for variety. I’ve tried the Angus Beef and the Tundra treats and Rufus loves both! They really are a top quality company.

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