Rainer updates

Rainer is BACK after being boarded for 10 days while we were on vacation. There was the chance that he was going to be shipped off for training or to another foster home, but none of that worked out, and he loves us. And more importantly, he loves Pyrrha, so it made sense for him to come back to us until he was ready for adoption.

More dogs in the yardI confess I was pretty nervous about reintroducing him to Pyrrha (after the traumatic dog fight incident with a potential adopter’s shepherd). But that was silly on my part. We took lots of precautions in the reintroduction, but they wagged their tails and sniffed sweetly like old friends (which they are, by now). Not a single problem or incident with that. I often forget that dogs have good memories. Dogs remember the dogs, people, houses they like. Silly human.

As you can see, they are back to being BFFs:

More dogs in the yard

More dogs in the yardThe GOOD NEWS is that he is scheduled to go on trial this Sunday! “On trial” with our rescue means that the adopter will have Rainer for two weeks to “test drive” him and see if he’s a fit with their home before the adoption is finalized.

Things are looking up for you, Rainey Baby! Here’s to hoping that this potential adopter will come through and that you will be in your forever home soon!

More dogs in the yard

5 thoughts on “Rainer updates

  1. Good for Rainer! I hope the trial goes well, he is a handsome dog for sure:) Dogs really do have amazing memories. My parents have a german shepherd who has serious dog aggression though she was able to meet and actually get along well with my dogs last summer without any issues(we were shocked!) After not seeing them for almost a year, we had to reintroduce them in a whole new setting, late at night and after she got off a 6 hour flight. We walked them together first but it didn’t even seem like we needed to. She had zero concerns with them and was right at ease. It became apparent that she knew exactly who they were:)

  2. I hope his trail is successful and he has a forever home. If she lives close enough she can visit for play dates.

    Hugs and Lick, BJ Pup

  3. When we reunited Blueberry and Lilac (who was her mother) they definitely knew each other right away, too. They definitely have fantastic memories! I’m glad Rainer is doing so well in your house again. 🙂

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