Rainer goes “on trial” with adopter on Sunday

Terrible photo, but it makes me laugh. Rainer always has to know what’s happening.

The dogs were brave about the fireworks during Independence Day last night. How did everyone else’s pups fare?

Like Athena from Pitlandia, Pyrrha is scared of a lot of things, but fireworks and thunderstorms don’t bother her. Rainer, thankfully, isn’t phobic about storms, but he is considerably more anxious about them. We’ve had almost daily thunderstorms here lately, and while they are happening, Rainer tries to affix his body to mine. I can’t leave his sight without him needing to press himself up against me. It’s pretty sweet (except when you’re trying to make dinner, go to the bathroom, get dressed, etc.). The dogs were in their crates with treats while we attended a fireworks display last night overlooking the city, and we came back to happy pups and no signs of distress. So that was nice.

As I’ve mentioned, the happy news is that Rainer goes on trial with his potential adopter this Sunday. The adopter has two weeks to decide if they want to keep him before the adoption is finalized, so we are very hopeful that our sweet, shy little buddy has found his forever home! Will keep you posted.

Hope everyone has peaceful weekends ahead!


6 thoughts on “Rainer goes “on trial” with adopter on Sunday

  1. Our town fireworks are on the third, and our pups are all safely ensconced in the basement during that time. I know they make Bunny nervous, but she handles it pretty well with her Thundershirt on. The basement isolates a lot of the sound and we do put the TV on down there, too. Morgan and Kus were mildly nervous, but it was just a little panting, so it was no big deal.

    I hope Rainer has great luck at his new home and that everything works out well for him!

  2. While I wish Ranier and his potential forever family good luck, I am starting to think that you are Ranier’s forever home. You have loved this guy for a long time now, and he has been so lucky. Why would he ever want to live with other humans? I sort of think of him as a part of your family by now. Sorry……but even with all the work it just sounds like love.

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