Good luck, Rainer!

We have a good feeling that Rainer met up with his forever family this weekend!

Cody and Rainer
Cody and Rainer

Yesterday, we drove a few hours for him to meet up with his adopter, Cody. As I’ve mentioned, Rainer is “on trial,” which means that Cody has two weeks to decide if Rainer is the right dog for him, and then the adoption is finalized.

Cody was really gentle and sweet with Rainer, which was very heartwarming to me. He said, when he first saw Rainer, “Whoa, he looks so much like my shepherd back home.” Cody also seems to understand Rainer’s temperament and special issues, and so we all have high hopes that our sweet little dude found his forever home!

Really happy for our little guy! Now… a little break before the next foster… 🙂


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