Only child again

Please don't leave me. #patheticpyrPyrrha is now on Instagram: @farsonpratt

I think Pyrrha missed Rainer for the first few days after he left; they were, after all, pretty constant playmates, particularly in the backyard.

But lately? This little princess seems to be reveling in being an only child.

Sniffing shrooms, being watchful on our morning walk. #pyrrhagram
Being watchful on a morning walk (and sniffing some shrooms).

She gets more walks now; she gets to return to having her meals out of food-dispensing toys; she has all of this one-on-one attention. And I think she is basking in it. She’s even getting more comfortable in approaching Guion on her own. (Rainer was almost as shy with Guion as she was, so I don’t think that helped. Recall how she was with Brando, though; because Brando adored Guion, Pyrrha was a lot more eager to be with Guion.)

But don’t get too comfortable, P… it looks like we’ll get our next foster in early August. We’ll keep you posted!

6 thoughts on “Only child again

  1. Pyrrha, enjoy being the center of the universe and soak up all that love!!!! Things will be even better when your new best buddy arrives!!!! Hugs to your parents for all the love they give to you and your foster friends!!!! 🙂

  2. It’s interesting to see our dogs respond to a foster leaving us. Sometimes Honey gets a little depressed. Other times she barely notices the difference. Other times she expresses visual relief.

    I guess it’s just like humans saying goodbye to house guests.

    Hope your next foster is a good fit for her.

  3. I can understand liking to be an only child. I love it. I get all the attention, all the treats, and all the cuddles.

    I hope this post means that Rainer has passed her trial period and has her forever home.

    Hugs and Licks, BJ Pup

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