Happy Friday!

Ears! And a fig branch. #pyrrhagram
Pyr in the yard, with a fig branch.

Happy Friday, everyone! Hope you have pleasant weekends ahead, and good plans to beat the heat! We’ve been taking our walks late in the evening, when the asphalt isn’t scorching and the temperatures have cooled (if only slightly!). Whew. I imagine this weekend will have short romps in store for Pyrrha, with lots of time napping on the cool hardwood floor…

3 thoughts on “Happy Friday!

  1. Happy Friday to you! We’re in the same boat… It’s too hot to spend much time outdoors, so we’re trying to do super early morning walks (ugh – not my time of day!) or late evening walks. Have fun!

  2. Had working Thursday and Friday nights, then adoption event Saturday; now is Sunday and we are indeed using it as a day of rest. Pyrrha, you are gorgeous; here’s a good one – Alice took Safe Harbor’s first GSD to our prison program. As she left, the guards told her they had never heard so many toilets being flushed at one time; those not in the program apparently thought Kiersta was a drug sniffing dog :).

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