Lazy weekend

We enjoyed a relaxing weekend at home with our guest Caleb, an old friend of Guion’s.

Weekend with Caleb
Caleb and Pyrrha at dinner.

Mostly, because of the oppressive heat, we hid out indoors. Here, Pyrrha acts as the watchful apprentice while Guion attempts to make his first batch of cheese from raw milk:

Weekend with Caleb

We watched the boys play horseshoes in the front yard while a thunderstorm rolled in:

Weekend with Caleb

Pyrrha watches horseshoes

Weekend with Caleb

By the end of the weekend, Pyrrha had also warmed up to Caleb! (Just look at that relaxed face of hers.)

Being friends
Making friends.

Such a nice, peaceful, slow-paced weekend. Just what we needed!

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