Black and tan, or, dressing like your dog

I like to match my wardrobe to my dog's. #pyrrhagram
Dressed like the dog. #blackandtan

I went to take Pyrrha on a walk yesterday and realized that I was wearing her colors: Black and tan and all over.

Do you ever find yourself accidentally dressing like your dog? 🙂

Thanks for your thoughts and comments on my recent question about how often you train. It was both reassuring and motivating to hear from you all!

Regardless, hope you all have great weekends! Loki the Newfoundland is turning 1, so we’ll be going to his birthday party, which should be lots of fun.


7 thoughts on “Black and tan, or, dressing like your dog

  1. Gizmo is primarily gray and black and in winter we often match…Of course these days I’m getting enough gray hairs to match him all the time 🙂

  2. Sweet. Most of my dogs are tri-colors, even my chocolate and tan double dapple Dachshund of whom, when he first came, my vet said “Well, he fits the color scheme.” Now, I need to look at my clothes to see if I’m matching the tri’s, the red/yellows, or the black and tans….

  3. If wearing their fur all over my body counts (especially Bowdu’s during shedding seasons), yes. I dress like my dogs all the time.

    Also, I’m partial to red clothing.

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