Review: By Nature grain-free dog food

We were recently offered the opportunity to test and review By Nature’s dog food. Pyrrha is always very eager to test edible products!

Pouting in the background until she can try it.
Pouting in the background until she can try it.

We tried the grain-free chicken and potato formula. A 30-lb. bag of this formula retails for $52.99 at Chewy. I felt satisfied with the formula’s ingredient list and was particularly attracted to the lack of grain fillers (such as corn, wheat, and soy). I was torn between this, the grain-free formula, and the organic formula that By Nature now offers. Both good options!

This smells good...
This smells good…

Pyrrha, as you can tell, was quite interested in this product. She has a fairly sensitive stomach, so I gradually worked some of this kibble into her normal kibble (Taste of the Wild’s wetlands formula), and she has not had any issues. The By Nature kibble size is also much smaller than the Taste of the Wild kibble, so we’ve been using it as an addition to her treat bag.

This formula is a 4-star kibble, according to Dog Food Advisor; Pyrrha’s current kibble (Taste of the Wild, wetlands formula) is a 5-star kibble, and at a cheaper price, so I think we’ll stay with what we have for now. BUT, that said, I was happy to receive this product for review, mainly because of the high-quality of the formula and because of the tiny size of the kibble. The kibble makes a great addition to Pyrrha’s treat bag, and they are such small bits that I don’t have to worry about rationing quite as much.

By Nature provides a range of great options, including an all-organic line, for savvy dog owners. Locate a By Nature retailer with this map; this brand is also sold in numerous online retailers.

We were provided with a bag of this kibble in exchange for this review, but all opinions expressed are exclusively ours. 


8 thoughts on “Review: By Nature grain-free dog food

  1. Our dog Charlotte is a high-end dog food gal, and she’s a big fan of Orijen. Even though grain-free dog food tends to be more expensive than mainstream brands, I highly recommend them, too. It’s much closer to a diet she’d have in the wild. Quality food really does make a difference in a dog’s long-term health.

    1. We have considered raw, but it’s not something we can afford right now. I am aware of all of the benefits, but it’s not super-feasible for us. And I’m also frankly a little squeamish about handling lots of raw meat every day. :-/

      1. Feeding raw is definitely a different type of commitment. I know a girl with two very active working border collies. She feeds raw for roughly $30-$40 a month TOTAL. Their blood tests come back find so she does not have them on any supplements. I found this very interesting, considering I always thought it was expensive, too. She gets everything on sale, I think. I would love to feed raw someday, but my biggest concern would be storage space. 🙂

        Thanks for the link to the Dog Food Advisor page. Definitely bookmarking that!

  2. BJ is very particular about his food and treats. My next door neighbor’s poodle gets a lot of stuff because BJ His Royal Highness of NY walks away from it. I’ve been using Halo and he likes it.

    From your review I’d love to try By Nature but it’s so expensive to buy and then possibly throw out. I wish they had sample bags that would cost a few dollars. I would love that.

    You were lucky to get to test the food.

  3. Nice review! Our dogs are on Taste of the Wild, too, and we aren’t really looking to switch, unless it turns out that Flattery can’t handle it. I’ve been really curious about this line of dog food, though, and it was nice to hear your opinion!

  4. Great review! I was able to get my hands on Activa grain free and my dogs love it. I started with one of their sample bags and haven’t gone back since. I love the fact they have 7 flavors too, it keeps my dog from getting bored of one single flavor.

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