The most intent beggar

She is deeply in love with Jonathan. And ginger cats. #germanshepherd #pyrrhagram
How can you say no to those eyes?

Food. It’s a powerful motivator.

My friend Jonathan spent the weekend with us, and Pyrrha spent her time alternately nervous around him (if he tried to approach her) OR plaintively begging from him (because he plied her with a steady stream of Trader Joe’s ginger cats). As you can see, she was really working her adorable angles with him.

This just brought to mind another observation about shy dogs, or at least, our shy dog: Pyrrha would prefer that new people don’t try to interact with her at all. But if these aforementioned new people happen to be willing to slip her food? She won’t leave them alone!

Does your dog’s behavior change when food is present?

5 thoughts on “The most intent beggar

  1. We have Goldens and one will happily lay on your feet (friend or stranger) for a nibble of something good. The other golden is still suspicious of everyone, even when something wonderful-smelling is near. So, no…their behavior doesn’t change for food. Which I had never thought about before you asked the question!

  2. Mr B is an 80 lb deaf senior who spends most of his time sleeping. He instantly comes to life whenever he smells or sees food!

    Love her eyes in that shot, it’s like she’s trying to hypnotize the food to her mouth 😉

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