I told you he was funny

It's a hard life. #roland #dogsitting

We miss Roland already! But I know his real family is happy to have him back. As you can see, this dog really knows how to CHILL. That we could all be this relaxed.

Looking forward to a quiet week ahead, even though rainy Mondays are always hard to get through. Hope your pups have helped you remember the brighter side of life!

Dogs on patrol. #germanshepherd #spaniel #doghouse
Guard dogs.


2 thoughts on “I told you he was funny

  1. This is so sweet! Our dogs make me smile every day. There are days when I don’t think a smile is possible, or I’m so bored that I can scream, but I’m too bored to bother. Our dogs come through every single time. Even when they’re misbehaving, it makes me laugh and smile.

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