Taking a weekend trip to see Georgia

OK, well, we’re not expressly going to see sweet baby Georgia (my in-laws’ dog), but she is a motivating factor! (In reality, my brother-in-law and his wife-to-be are having a wedding shower, and we are honored to be able to attend.)

Doggy summer camp
Georgia, the last time we saw her, in June.

It’s such a blessing that Pyrrha gets along with my in-laws’ dog and that we can take her with us when we go visit. Makes traveling that much easier!

Waiting for @guionpratt to come home. #germanshepherd #pyrrhagram
Pyrrha is ready to get on the road!

Plenty of Pyrrha/Georgia romp photos to come after the long weekend. For U.S. readers, hope you get to have a peaceful and relaxing Labor Day weekend at home with your pack!

Does your dog get along with your family members’ dog(s)?

7 thoughts on “Taking a weekend trip to see Georgia

  1. What a cutie!!! Seriously, that face!! Lucas and Cooper adore my mom’s little dog, Otto. He’s totally a purse pup, but these big monsters have a blast chasing him around. It’s super adorable! Hope you guys have a great weekend!

  2. Hope you guys are having a fantastic weekend with the in-laws and that Pyrrha is enjoying her time with Georgia! It’s lovely when dogs get along and you can just take them with you on visits.
    There aren’t so many dogs in our family, but we do usually take the dogs with us when we visit relatives. They already know that if they want to see us, they have to take the dogs as well. šŸ˜‰
    We do have many friends and neighbours with dogs, however, and it’s lovely to see the dogs having a great time together! Just last night we had some friends over and there were 5 dogs running around in our garden (am going to put an overload of pictures on my blog as well in a moment šŸ˜‰ ).
    We regularly go out for a walk together with our neighbours and their dogs as well, it’s so nice that this is possible and that they all get along!

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