Meet Draco!

Last night, we picked up our new foster Draco (aka Tyr)!

First night with Draco

Draco is a 2-year-old who was rescued from an animal hoarding situation in West Virginia, where he was living in filth with 54 other dogs. Thankfully, the other animals were farmed out to rescues, and Southeast German Shepherd Rescue picked up Draco and his brother, Oro (who was just adopted!).

He was quite nervous when we picked him up (back legs shaking) and whined a bit in the car, but after a while, he settled in very nicely.

First night with Draco

First night with DracoI, for one, have never met a shy dog who was so quickly willing to be affectionate with people. He was way cuddlier with us in a few hours than Pyrrha even is, after a full year of living with us. As you can see, he found his spot on the couch right away:

I'd say the new foster is settling in nicely. #draco #gsd

My idea of a good night: wine, "Breaking Bad," and a shepherd sleeping in my lap. #draco #gsd

He slept like this in my lap for a full episode of “Breaking Bad.” Aww.

Pyrrha got a bit nervous during their introduction, but Draco is clearly an expert at calm, calculated avoidance. He didn’t show the slightest sign of anxiety or aggression toward her initial reactive display. He seemed to know exactly what to do to tone her down (a talent I imagine he acquired by having to survive in a house with 54 other dogs).

First night with Draco

He was still nervous about the new space, but she was quickly ready to play with him. She threw some desperate play bows and side taps his way, but he just wasn’t in the mood for playing last night.

First night with Draco

First night with Draco

First night with Draco

This morning, however (after a fairly scared, whiny night in the crate), he was ready to ROMP in the backyard, and they have been playful and sweet toward each other ever since. We are grateful! It’s always kind of a gamble how new dogs will interact with one another.

First night with Draco

In all, we think he is a total sweetheart and we can’t believe he’s still waiting for his forever home! Feel free to share photos and information about him with anyone you know, who may want a gentle, laidback dog in the southeastern United States.

First night with Draco

(Sometimes, when my glasses aren’t in, I can’t really tell them apart. Ha! As you can see, they have very similar markings and are almost the same size [Draco is a bit taller].)

First night with DracoWe are looking forward to getting to know this sweet dude!

Interested in Draco (aka Tyr)? Check out his adoption bio on the SGSR website!

10 thoughts on “Meet Draco!

  1. Wow he is really handsome! So glad he got out of that crap situation and found a nice foster family while he awaits forever!

  2. I was going to comment that they could be twins! lol As a matter of fact, I saw one of his pictures on Flickr a little bit ago and could have sworn it was Pyrrha. I doubt he’ll wait for a home for long!

  3. He is handsome and looks like a sweetie! Also, I had trouble telling them apart in the side by side, so I’m glad you admitted it too. Pyrrha has a blacker butt!

    Also, I’m well familiar with that look on Guion’s face; I see it at my house, with my “too big to be a lapdog” and the people she cuddles with.

  4. Good for you! Beautiful Shep! Brave to take such a large breed for a first dog, but they are the most intelligent dog and the most loving. I have several rescues and they love ten fold more than others! They often have a lot of issues. One dog I know who came from the US was also in a hoarding situation. He lived his life as a puppy in a cage and then in a cage at SPCA until two. Luckily he ended up with two awesome owners and I helped them with his training. Lots of ways to overcome their fears. He was afraid of wind, cars(had to be carried). You name it he was afraid! He is now an awesome pet as will this fella be!

  5. It is especially awesome that you have a balanced dog there to teach this dog to just learn how to play nicely and be a dog! Often I notice that they have none of these skills we take for granted with other dogs!

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