These German shepherd twins…

… are settling in together nicely.

Shepherds at their posts. #pyrrha #draco #germanshepherd

As you can see, they can be hard to tell apart sometimes.

Shepherds chilling. #draco #pyrrha #fosterfun

With their eyes all aglow. #demondogs #fosterfun
Demon dogs!

Draco is a fast learner, and thanks to the help of consistent treats, he has learned to see the crate as a pretty cool place. He will still whine a bit, particularly at night, but he’s learning quickly.

A note on his name, too! Just so you didn’t think we named this gentle, affectionate boy after the punk bad boy Draco Malfoy… Draco was the name that he came with, and so we didn’t try to change it. (We got criticism from friends and family for giving such a sweetie such an aggressive-sounding name! Not our fault…)

More couch snuggles. #draco #fosterfun

And he’s still getting in plenty of cuddle time, as you can see.

Pyrrha is learning how to navigate some feelings of jealousy. She is not cuddly at all, not even with me, but watching Draco be so willing to snuggle has had an interesting effect on her. Last night, in fact, she jumped up on the empty space next to Guion — something she would never normally do — because Draco had just been right there. She grumbles at him occasionally, but they enjoy each other overall; we often find them sneaking kisses and playing “tag” in the backyard.

Hey handsome! #draco #germanshepherd

The exciting news is that he may have an interested family already! There’s a chance that they may come by this weekend to meet him! Hope that will work out for this sweet dude. Will keep you posted!

Hope you all have nice weekends ahead!

8 thoughts on “These German shepherd twins…

  1. They do look so much alike! I love that light golden color on a German Shepherd, they are so beautiful! I hope this family works out:)

  2. Awww!! Good luck, Draco!! They really do look so much alike! As an aside, thank you SO MUCH for including me on your blogroll! I was thinking this morning that I wanted to seek out some new dog blogs, thought you might have some good suggestions, and was pleasantly surprised to be included! YAY! Thank you!! Now, off to go check out your other recommendations… 🙂

  3. It’s uncanny how similar they look! I’d almost think you just photoshopped the same dog in there twice, like The Parent Trap movie! Cabana is exactly the same way as Pyrrha–she only gets cuddly when there’s a foster dog to compete for our affections.

  4. I think Draco is a very distinguished sounding name, and I say good on you for not trying to change it. If he goes to a new home, then he might have to adjust to another name change and, well, life is confusing enough for a dog who has entered a rescue program. They really do look like they could be related! We have the same jealous bug that bites here, too! lol

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