Meet Brynn (Trina)! Our tempting new foster puppy

You guys. We are in trouble. I think I really, really want to keep this puppy.

Now that is some well-practiced cuteness. #fosterpuppy #gsd

Here’s the story: Friday night, this little lady got dropped off with me; I was volunteering with the rescue on our pedestrian mall, where we had a table and were passing out information about the rescue, raising money, etc. Brynn (who is called “Trina” by the rescue, officially) showed up in the back of an SUV with a bunch of kids, just wagging her tail and looking around. I thought that being on the mall would be way too stressful for her, but she hung out there for three hours and was a total rockstar.

We put that cute vest on her and, naturally, drew tons of attention to the booth!

Oh, man. This little lady is a huge temptation. #fosterpuppy #gsd
Wearing her donation vest.

She met tons of people of all ages, shapes, and sizes; children, whom she happily kissed and showed no anxiety about; and other dogs, spending most of her time playing with Titan, the rescue VP’s bombproof sable male.

We wore her out at the event, and then brought her home to meet Pyrrha.

Hard day of play for little baby. #puppy #guionsaysineedtowaitaweekbeforewedecidetokeepher

The introduction went perfectly, and the two of them have been playing beautifully ever since.

Brynn ADORES Pyrrha and wants to be with her every second. Pyrrha tolerates this puppy love with admirable patience, but she also seems to genuinely enjoy playing with her in the backyard.

First morning with Brynn (Trina)

First morning with Brynn (Trina)
On the tail! Killing me with cuteness.

First morning with Brynn (Trina)

As you can see, they also love wrestling together.

First morning with Brynn (Trina)

First morning with Brynn (Trina)

Based on her size (38 lbs.) and the vet report, we think she’s about 4.5 to 5 months old.

She was dropped off at a shelter in Gastonia, NC, by her owner, citing conflict with his/her insurance policy. And that’s all we know about her. Based on her outgoing personality and general looks, she seems to have been well cared for. Her lack of shyness also makes me think she was somewhat well socialized (although it could also just be that she has a great personality, which she does).

First morning with Brynn (Trina)

Brynn walks beautifully on the leash, and we’ve been taking her out on strolls every night since we got her. Her only (SLIGHT) fear seems to be moving cars (she just trots away from them), but we’ve been practicing some behavior modification to help her with that. (And, frankly, I’m kind of OK if she doesn’t want to get near moving cars!)

She looks very sound to me, and her vet check-ups didn’t show any cause for concern. As with all rescue German shepherds, you’re pretty much not going to get a well-bred animal, but she looks really great, all things considered. I particularly like that she does not have a sloped topline or those exaggerated hocks, and her face is also very nicely proportioned.

First morning with Brynn (Trina)

Why do I care about all of this for the foster puppy? Well, because I want to keep her. As you may recall, our motivation for fostering was to find a great puppy to add to our family. Our qualifications were a happy, outgoing, bright puppy with no shyness (to balance out Pyrrha’s more extreme anxieties). We were also looking for a mixed-breed male, which, clearly, Brynn is not. So.

First morning with Brynn (Trina)
(She looks like she has a lump under her chest, but that’s just hair from where she was shaved for her spay.)

Here are my internal pros and cons for keeping Brynnie.



  • Outgoing and confident
  • Healthy
  • Gets along wonderfully with Pyrrha
  • Super with children (was briefly fostered with them before us)
  • Great with other dogs
  • Intelligent
  • Active
  • People-oriented
  • Very responsive



  • Purebred
  • Of essentially unknown origin
  • Land-shark-y (but aren’t all GSD puppies at this age??)
  • Not “bombproof” necessarily (e.g., was a bit wary of a toddler on our walk last night but was fine with tons of little kids coming up to her on the pedestrian mall)

First morning with Brynn (Trina)

(As you can see, my “cons” side is weak!)

Guion (husband) wants to spend more time making this decision (because he is rational and not as swayed by puppy breath as I am), so we’re going to give it another week before we make the final call.

But what do you think? Should we keep her?? Or should we keep waiting?


23 thoughts on “Meet Brynn (Trina)! Our tempting new foster puppy

  1. Cutie pie! πŸ˜€ The decision is totally yours and you will do the right thing! My only suggestion, is if it’s possible, take her to meet Georgia and see how all three of them get along. Since you travel there a lot and Pyrrha and Georgia get along so well, might make sense to make sure all the ladies will get along. πŸ™‚

  2. If it was me and I could afford it she’d be a permanent addition to the house. But it is nice to see you thinking it over properly. Really if she fits in and you are happy with her and she is with you, why let her go? πŸ™‚

  3. Sounds like you love her and she could also be perfect for your family. Of course I want you to keep her, but I also want you to take the time to seriously think it over and make sure it’s the right choice. Love the pictures. She is SO cute!

  4. It sounds like she is a great fit for the family and well behaved! Sounds like a good idea to me! What a cutie! — Jess & Duke @ Life With Duke

  5. Being purebred would not be a con for me. Sign the papers! There will never be a totally perfect dog, just a perfect dog for you. She fits in well with you and sounds a lot like KΓΌster a that age. They all go through fear stages, but generally handle them very well. I don’t think you will be sorry if you end up keeping her!

  6. I would like to offer some points to consider in your decision. First, as you have learned, go with your gut instinct. However, at this puppy age it seems Brynn is in the “Pyrrha big sister worship phase”. When Brynn hits doggy adolescence if she starts challenging Pyrrha for favored dog position, do you have a plan? I have been told it is better to have a male and female pair of dogs than two females or two males. I think it depends on the dogs and the owners. Perhaps you could do a little investigation on what would make a female-female dog house succeed.

    I watched a 3 month old female Lab harassed by Yorkies and Maltese until she reached a year-old-and realized how big she was. When she’d had enough she started attacking the Yorkie that kept getting in her face. Yes, it was the owners fault for letting this situation develop and get out of hand. The only solution at that point was to re-home the Lab. She is now the only dog in her forever home. She is happy and nicely settled.

  7. Land Shark! That’s what I call Leo sometimes. She looks a lot like him, too. What a love! The pictures with Pyrrha are wonderful, and their names even go together, what with the Ys and the matching twin consonants. You should totally keep her.

  8. Fiona and I vote yes!!! We will make it through the land-sharky phase together!!! Our basic obedience class starts monday….

  9. My vote would be keep her! I think that considering both you & hubby love her AND P gets along with her that’s your ‘green means go’ P has a very valid opinion and if she’s giving the pup the ‘go ahead’ you should too! I used to be an adoptions counselor…I think you’re on the right track πŸ˜‰

  10. So I’m woefully behind on my blog reading since I’ve been traveling for the lat 8 days… I read this then had to poke around to see if you had made any BIG announcements! πŸ™‚ I’m probably not the right person to weigh in since we utterly failed on fostering Cooper (like, for instance, we did. not. want. a puppy. oops.). However, we chose to keep him simply because of how wonderfully they all got along. Not all new additions mesh so easily, and that ended up being more important than our pros/cons list. I’m so anxious to know what you decided to do! Now, off to poke around on Twitter and FB to see if there was an announcement I missed…

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