Only child again

Only child again. #pyrrhagram #gsd

I’ve been quiet on the blog front because I’ve been sick for a week and cannot seem to shake this lingering cold. Or whatever it is. Ugh! I am functional, but just barely.

The house seems so quiet without monster puppy running around! I think Pyrrha might even miss her. She does really love having a live-in playmate. Meanwhile, she’s continuing to attend her reactivity class and class graduation is next week. Pyrrha is doing well, but we humans have to be better about practicing in the real world. It takes a lot of coordination and effort to get this “Pavlov machine” behavior down on a walk. Thankfully, she is a patient animal. We just want to do right by her.

Hope that you have peaceful, illness-free weekends! And now I want to get back in bed…

11 thoughts on “Only child again

  1. Feel better! I love the description of her as a “Pavlov machine”, so funny. I’m sure with some practice (from both her & you!), she’ll do great! –Jess @ Life with Duke

  2. Ugh, there is so much sickness going around where I am, and with my dog blog friends! Feel better soon.

    Pyrrha’s bed looks like a nice comfy one! My fiancè and I were in Petco today, and we talked a little about how we wished we’d taught Elka early on that dog beds are a Good Thing.

  3. Hope that you are soon feeling better. I am not a good patient at having upper respiratory
    illness. I just pull the sheet over my head and wait, and wait, and wait for the misery
    to go away.
    Sending prayers your way.

  4. Hope you feel better and I know what you mean about practicing in the real world. It’s not always easy to keep it up, plus our dogs (as in my 3) act so differently in class than they do in the real world. I wanted to take a class this summer, because the dogs like it, but our favorite trainer left Petco and I don’t have her contact information. She was the best trainer they had; I should Google her; maybe she went out on her own.

  5. I have that same cold! It’s been a slow-moving storm, moving from my throat to my nose and back to my throat over the past week. You’ll get there with Pyrrha. Continued effort and awareness, mixed with maturity, will bring the results you are after. Congrats on your former foster!

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