The good shepherd puts herself to bed

Puts herself to bed. #goodshepherd #pyrrha

When Pyrrha is ready to go to sleep, she’ll let you know: This polite lady likes to put herself to bed. And then give us annoyed looks if we’re still up talking, listening to loud music, or watching sarcastic sitcoms. She’s an old lady at heart.

Although she still is a bit neglected right now, we’ve been able to squeeze in a few night walks and longer walks during the day on the afternoon that I work from home. I am excited for our next few weeks, and I think she will be too, once she figures out what’s going on. (We hope to close on our first house in about a month! Fingers crossed that everything continues to go smoothly! And pictures to come…)

Do your dogs have any “polite” behaviors that you didn’t teach them?


9 thoughts on “The good shepherd puts herself to bed

  1. Uh, no, most of our dogs’ habits are quite rude. Somehow I taught Leo to pull things off the counter when he wants to go outside. See… he’d do that and I’d get annoyed and put him in the backyard. Sigh. I got some of those bells for our backdoor, but he hasn’t caught on to those.

  2. Daisy requires a steam treatment each evening to help with chronic bronchitis. That means that I sprinkle liver treats across the bathroom floor while I take a shower. If I am running late for my shower, she stands by the bathroom door and stares at me as if to say ‘It’s shower time!”

  3. Our late Beau would stand at the door outside the laundry room and bark just loud enough for us to hear him to let him in the house. Trooper, our newest rescue will bark softly when she needs to go out if we are sleeping in too late to suit him. Daisy runs in her crate as soon as she comes in hoping to get a treat (we sort of taught that).

  4. Tala is exactly the same – she just takes herself to bed when it gets too late. Bizarrely she can also tell if I’m getting ready to go out and she pre-emptively goes to her bed to wait to see whether we say: you’re coming too in which case she leaps out of bed and heads to the top of the stairs to await joining us!

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