Dog-sitting sweet Roland for the weekend

We had the pleasure of dog-sitting Roland this weekend. He’s a regular at our house, and we love having him. As I’ve mentioned before, he and Pyrrha get along beautifully, and Roland is very fond of Guion. He’s a very easy keeper, and we were very glad to have him around to romp with Pyrrha. She’s needed some canine company lately!

Flying dog wars. #puppypals
Flying dog wars.
Pyrrha is delighted to have Roland stay for the weekend! #puppypals
The very devoted kitchen watch. #roland #dogsitting
He’s a very devoted sous chef.
Someone's been having fun in the yard this morning. #roland #dogsitting
And he likes to play in the mud.
Roland has helped himself to the armchair. #doglife
And curl up like a bunny rabbit on the chair.
Nap time. #roland #doglife
Such a cutie!

We love this weird little dude! We’re always tempted to keep him when he comes…

In any event, he’s a good model for the kind of second dog we’d be looking for: Very mellow, affectionate toward Guion (even preferring Guion over me), relaxed with all kinds of people and children, loves to play with Pyrrha. One day, we hope to find a Roland-esque pup of our own!


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