Review: Kurgo car dog barrier

Many months ago, before we even brought Pyrrha home, I won a Kurgo back-seat car cover in a giveaway from Go Pet Friendly. Since then, I’ve considered myself a fan of Kurgo products. The car cover is sturdy, waterproof, and durable, and it’s been perfect for the back seat of our car and our extremely hairy German shepherd for more than a year now.

So when Dog Fence DIY asked me if I’d review Kurgo’s back seat barrier, I was happy to oblige!

Kurgo Back Seat Barrier.
Kurgo Back Seat Barrier.

This back-seat barrier prevents your dog from clambering up into the front of the car, which could easily endanger themselves and certainly you as the driver. We have never had a product like this, because Pyrrha is very mannerly in the car.

We took her polite behavior for granted, however, because we’ve certainly transported dogs — including some of our boisterous foster dogs — who were WILD in the car (looking at you, Brando baby), and a barrier like this would have been very helpful.

Kurgo back seat barrier

I like how sturdy this product is; it has parallel weights running through the fabric, which make it feel very strong. A large dog — no matter how determined — would not be able to get through this barrier. As with other Kurgo products I’ve used and tested, this barrier is also well made. In short, a quality product! It sells for $45.95 at Dog Fence DIY.

The barrier was a bit broad for our small hatchback, but it will still do the job. And although we probably won’t use it on a regular basis for polite Pyrrha, I am glad to have this barrier for future fosters and possibly even our future second pup!

Do you use any kind of restraint or barrier in your car for transporting your dog? 

Disclaimer: We were provided with this product by in exchange for our honest review. We are not otherwise affiliated with this company, and we do not use or support invisible fences. 

5 thoughts on “Review: Kurgo car dog barrier

  1. We use Kurgo’s Zip Line tether in the back seat. When it’s just the two of us, I use just the tether part and put Silas in the front seat. The tether is enough to keep him out of my lap and out of the floorboard if I have to brake suddenly. It’s a terrible risk from a safety perspective, because of the front airbags and the larger windows, but it helps his anxiety a lot to be closer.

  2. Luckily when we had a car in sudan Tala took to sitting very calmly in one of those harnesses which then fasten through the seatbelt. Now in Hanoi she calmly sits in the foothold in the backseat when we take cabs. So great as I know that some dogs are a nightmare. A rescue weimeraner in khartoum would chew through any harness almost immediately then jump all around the car while barking at anything that passed. Nightmare. I have heard of someone using something called a ‘thunder’ coat for calming which has seemed to work for them but I don’t know how they work….

  3. We have been on the lookout for a good backseat barrier for awhile now! Glad to know you recomend Kurgo. Had one from amazon, and a foster dog ripped it out in one try (and bent it so badly it cannot be re-used). We don’t need it for our dogs, but for everyone elses 😉

  4. I want one of these! Sydney keeps standing on the middle thing between the front seats when I stop at lights. This is going to be very helpful. I so should have checked for deals on Black Friday!

    Thanks for the review 🙂

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