Foster update: Trina! (Now Kira)

We recently got an update from Kira (formerly Trina) and her family! They say she is doing very well and loving her life with them. The family sent this photo of her in her new dog bed:

Kira (fka Trina) in her new dog bed. It looks like she's wearing a Thundershirt here, and I'm not sure why; they didn't mention it.
Kira (fka Trina) in her new dog bed. It looks like she’s wearing a Thundershirt here, and I’m not sure why; they didn’t mention it.

I can’t believe how big she is now! She almost looks like a full-grown lady.

I love hearing from adopters of our fosters — particularly when it’s about a foster that we were tempted to keep ourselves. But I think we really made the right choice for Kira. I had five different adopters that I had to choose from, and I feel confident that she’s with just the right family. They are young and active; they work with her on training; and they have her practicing agility already. (I got a phone video of her practicing with her agility tunnel in their backyard! So cute. She clearly loves it.)

She’s such a whip-smart puppy — maybe one of the smartest dogs I’ve met — and we’re so happy that she’s in the right place. Warm, fuzzy feelings.

And now back to moving/packing madness!

Do you ever hear from the adopters of your fosters? Does it make your day like it does mine?


7 thoughts on “Foster update: Trina! (Now Kira)

  1. I’ve only had one foster family follow up. Mainly, they were looking for help with an issue that arose but they also shared that they were enjoying their dog.

    I wish more foster families would get in touch.

    Glad to see Kira landed in a happy spot.

  2. She looks so happy! YAY! I actually had the opposite happen recently… I was cleaning out some old files and stumbled across a photocopy of an envelope from Emmett’s foster mom to his shelter. It was clipped to copies of our adoption applications that I just never flipped through. I couldn’t believe we’ve had that all these years and never spotted it in the reams of pet paperwork! Anyway, since I had her address, I wrote her a letter filling her in on everything that’s happened since we adopted him in 2006 (it was a long letter). I was THRILLED when she wrote back! I’m planning on sending her a Christmas card with a pic of my boy. 🙂

  3. It is so cool that you stay in touch with families. That’s got to be so satisfying. We hope to start fostering next year. It’s such a great idea and I love seeing the good that comes out of it. My goal – no more foster failures! Help the find a happy home 🙂

  4. I did hear from some of our Greyhound fosters and it always made me happy to see and hear how well they were doing in their new homes. We met a few of them at some reunions and it was always so great to see them again!

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