Pyrrha’s new dominion: First report from the new house

Everything has been so crazed/chaotic since the move, as is always the case with moving, but I wanted to pop in to say that things are going well and that Pyrrha seems to be settling in!

First, she LOVES her giant new yard. Here she is, checking it out for the first time with Guion:

Pyrrha checks out her new dominion. #movingday

She begs me to go outside all day long, even if she’s just been out. But I’ve been a little loath to indulge her, as the weather here has been filthy (ice, sleet, snow, and rain for the past three days), and our yard is just a swamp of water and that Virginia red clay.

I was TICKED at her this morning: Circa 6:30 am, I let her out and she spots a squirrel in the middle of the yard. She sprints with all of her might and almost catches it, but it hops the fence and into the neighbor’s dogwood tree just in time. What does she do? Start barking loudly, of course, and trying to hop the fence to get it. (Meanwhile: It’s sleeting. And there are pools of muddy, icy water all over the yard. And it’s 29 degrees F. And I’m wearing my new boots. Of course.)

I am yelling at her like a crazy person to zero effect (naturally). She barely even glances me while she tries to vault herself over the fence. (Thankfully, I don’t think she can actually do it; she’s not that athletic. But we’ll keep an eye on it.) So, I — fuming — stomp all the way across the yard/marsh, grab her by the collar, and have to DRAG her away from this squirrel. So not my favorite way to start the day. She was still very cheery about the whole ordeal too. As soon as I dried her off (she looked like she’d had a mud bath), she asked to go outside again. Gotta be kidding me, dog.

Faithfully resuming her begging routine in the new kitchen.
Faithfully resuming her begging routine in the new kitchen.

Mud fiascos aside, we’re so happy here, and I’ll be sharing more from the house soon, I’m sure!

Guess who's slowly adapting to the new house? #pyrrhagram
Basking by our first fire in the new fireplace.

The interesting thing about being in a multi-level home with Pyrrha is that I’ve seen her shepherd-y tendencies amped up. Our previous house was a one-level 800-sq-foot shoebox, so she could patrol the whole place in a single lap. Here, however, she’s become much more vigilant. She is constantly traveling around the house, checking windows and doors for any signs of intruders. It’s kind of cute. But I hope she is able to settle in and relax soon.

Thanks for your well wishes, and more to come!


6 thoughts on “Pyrrha’s new dominion: First report from the new house

  1. They never relax. It’s their domain. I sometimes wonder what will they do if they caught their prey. I know the answer already. A bird that was caught was presented to me as a present.

  2. Congrats on a successful move! I’ve executed the exact scenario – yelling like a crazy person – too many times to count since we’ve moved into our critter-infested neighborhood. If you figure out a way to get a recall when an animal is scurrying… please, pretty please, share!

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