Review: Natural Balance holiday pack

Just in time for the holidays, Pyrrha got to try the Natural Balance holiday pack for dogs. A box full of meaty treats and food? That’s all she really wants for Christmas.

Natural Balance holiday pack review | Doggerel

The holiday pack comes with the following goodies:

  • L.I.T (Limited Ingredient Treats) sweet potato & chicken formula dog treats
  • Ultra-premium chicken formula canned dog food
  • Premium turkey formula dog food roll

The ingredients for these products are also upstanding, and the first item on the ingredients list is always the main food item (e.g., turkey comes first for the turkey dog food roll).

Natural Balance holiday pack review | Doggerel

Pyrrha will scarf down just about anything, but she was quite eager for these sweet potato treats. The fact that they’re marketed for “small breeds” doesn’t bother her a bit. In fact, I like the smaller-sized treats in general, because they help with portion control. Pyrrha, like many dogs, acts like she’s never been fed in her life when confronted with treats.

Natural Balance holiday pack review | Doggerel

Our trainer, Deven, likes to use these Natural Balance food rolls in her training classes, because they are conveniently packaged, easy to distribute, and very soft and smelly for hard-working pups. I’m always happy to receive high-quality food supplements myself, just to give Pyrrha something a little special to spice up her daily meals.

The dog holiday pack is on sale for $5.99 at Chewy right now, which is a pretty great deal. I was surprised myself! A bag of high-quality treats alone would usually go for more than that. In short, we were pleased and impressed, and Pyrrha keeps begging for more!

Chewy White

Have you ever tried Natural Balance products? Or do you use them regularly?

Disclaimer: We received a Natural Balance holiday pack in exchange for our honest review.


3 thoughts on “Review: Natural Balance holiday pack

  1. I fed my dogs Natural Balance until they were bought by Del Monte. I switched brands before I noticed any changes but I’ve read many complaints that quality has gone down. It’s a shame because it was a good food at a reasonable price.

    That’s a nice gift pack, other companies should offer something similar!

  2. I’m reviewing the same pack! lol But we do like the Natural Balance rolls a lot. There’s always at least one in our fridge because hubby uses them for training. The dogs are definitely big fans!

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