Happy adoption day, Eden!

Well, it’s official: this little monster is ours!

Playful puppy

The paperwork is in, and the rescue has confirmed. We foster failed, and now we’re responsible for the life of this crazy baby. After a host of foster dogs, I confess that it still feels kind of weird to think that we’re her family forever. But we’re excited about it!

Other Eden updates:

  • Her relationship with Pyrrha continues to go smoothly, although it does resemble the relationship of an older sister to a pesky younger one. Eden is learning to respect Pyrrha’s warnings, and Pyrrha is really doing an admirable job of showing tolerance and even handicapping herself in play (rolling on the ground with her belly up, something she rarely does for younger dogs).
  • My big concern, as of this morning, is that Eden threw up her last two meals. I think she’s just eating them too quickly all of the sudden, because she hasn’t done this in the three weeks that we’ve had her. And she’s only thrown up when she gets kibble in a bowl (not in the food toys). So I’m guessing there’s some correlation. Will split up her meals and/or solely feed from toys going forward, to see if that’s the issue.
  • Eden is doing amazingly well at showing self-restraint with greetings. We’ve been teaching her to sit (instead of leaping and clawing at a human’s face with overeager joy), and she’s been listening! I’m kind of amazed. Even though she can drive us crazy sometimes, she has a surprising amount of self-control for an adolescent.
  • She’s walking very nicely on the leash, and thanks to her new harness, I can now walk both girls together by myself. Post about this to come!
  • I’d like to get her out and playing with other dogs. Our yard has been so horrible with all of the rain that I feel loath to invite anyone over right now, because the visiting dogs would leave wearing lovely full-body shade of red clay.

Can’t believe we have two dogs! We’re excited.

My watchful girls
The girls.

24 thoughts on “Happy adoption day, Eden!

  1. Official congratulations! Such pretty girls. I love GSDs – my dog Lasya was part, and we had a half (police dog mom) GSD that was among our best family dogs. Until I decided I needed to get a smaller dog since my boyfriend has a small dog, I had wanted to adopt from the local white shepherd rescue.

  2. Oh Abby, congrats on a two dog household! Your girls are so beautiful! Our Nikita is half German Shepherd too and she is such a sweetie! Your house is well protected with your girls around! I am so happy for you!

  3. Congratulations on making it official! The throwing up could be a growing puppy thing. Küster went through a few bouts of that. As long as you don’t have to deal with pano, you’ll be okay!

    1. Thanks; that’s good to know! I think she’s just been wolfing down her food too fast… we’re trying new feeding methods, and that seems to help.

  4. My dog Leo, adopted at age 4, had been a stud dog at a puppy mill and wolfed his food down at every meal. The slow feed bowl helped. He is a mini Aussie and would run in a panic near my other 2 dogs food areas (they are each fed in 3 different areas in the same room) he would finished eating well before they did and often vomit within 15 minutes of eating. Two years later he still tries to eat as fast as possible but his new bowl slows him down enough that they all finish at about the same time and he now longer runs around in a panic or gets sick. They are fed dry kibble with one large spoon of canned 100% pumpkin. The pumpkin put in the slow bowl and spread around the bottom takes him awhile and he continues to lick the bowl long after it is empty because he loves the pumpkin so much.

    For those who have never heard of adding pumpkin to a dogs diet, there are many reasons for doing so, it solved one of my dogs anal gland problems and solved a problem of one of my dogs eating the other dogs poop. It is very useful an addition for a dog that needs to diet as it has lots of fiber and keeps them full with low calories. I add a spoonful for all 3 dogs at each meal but I know a lot of people just keep it on hand for when their dog is ill.

  5. Congratulations! Is Eden a long haired Shepherd? I always think they look like big teddy bears. Kaya & Norman like to play with one at the park called Dolce. She is so sweet:)

    1. Thanks! I don’t think she’s technically a long hair, but her hair is a lot longer than Pyrrha’s, I think owing to Eden’s German heritage (where they tend to breed dogs with longer coats).

      1. Oh cool! It’s nice that your 2 girls have their own style:) I love Pyrrha’s light coloring too, so pretty!

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