The busy little puppy

We’re having fun with Eden, even if she drives us crazy sometimes.

Bitch face
Bitch face.

Cracks me up. Despite what this photo may suggest, the girls are actually doing very well together. Pyrrha is even starting to tolerate Eden lying next to her or even touching her while they are both dozing (something she formerly could not put up with from any dog).

Out with the girls

We’ve also been reminded that most normal adolescent dogs need more exercise than Pyrrha does. (Pyr has always been a very lazy shepherd, rather uncharacteristic of her busybody breed.) If we want to be able to eat dinner in peace, the puppy needs a walk, preferably one that takes an hour. (How do people with full-time jobs live with puppies?? Something I have yet to figure out.) Nothing wears her out like a walk. Yeah, she and Pyr can play chase and wrestle in the backyard for an hour, but a walk is the only thing that leads to some peace and quiet around here.

Basement living

What are your favorite methods of wearing your dogs out? How do you manage it with your full-time job?

Hope that you have bright, peaceful, long-walk-filled weekends ahead!

Out with the girls


6 thoughts on “The busy little puppy

  1. We have an hour-a-day walk policy – rain, snow or shine. We’re rigid and the Husband and I keep each other honest. After it’s been part of our schedule for the last 5+ years, it hardly seems like work to fit it in – just another part of the day.

  2. We walk our dogs lots of places…..the woods on our property (off leash), nearby parks and neighborhoods on leash and hikes at Lake Norman State Park. Luke loves to play fetch with tennis balls. Trooper plays but doesn’t want to give the ball back. Daisy Mae thinks the object of the game is to tackle her brothers.
    As for those who work full time, I shamelessly advocate hiring a dog walker or pet sitter!!

  3. Training and nosework! Jeni is a total spaz, and she needs to get in a good half hour to hour run a day, but I just do that by letting her off leash at one of our neighborhood parks or on the weekends or in the summer taking her hiking which requires more of a drive. We rarely ever go on normal walks, but I don’t know how Eden is off leash since you have not had her long! But if I cannot get out and run her, nothing works better than teaching new tricks or playing nose games. Especially stuff that involves working on balance or hind end awareness or something like that, it is WORK and Jeni always passes right out after a good 15 minute training session. We also have jumps, a tire and weave poles in the backyard for practicing agility and that is a good at home way to get in some exercise as well.

  4. How this reminds me of the moment we brought Ophelia home… While Killian has always been such an over-enthousiastic dog towards other dogs, he practically completely ignored Ophelia those first days. But he got used to her presence and now they’re unseparable partners in crime. 🙂
    Also good point about the excercise: Killian has also been a rather lazy dog (except when playing with other dogs), but Ophelia needs much more excercise as well as mental challenges than he does. Probably also because Leonbergers are more of a working dog breed than Great Danes are. There are times when I take only her out on walks or out for training and I leave Killian at home to keep Oli company when he’s working at home.
    Oh and I do have to admit that I gave up working full time – mainly because of the dogs… I just wouldn’t know how I would have to combine all the time I put into them with a full time job to be honest.

    My favourite ways to get the dogs tired are: long walks/hikes, play dates with other dogs and a visit to the dog park.

  5. I love how puppy fuzzy Eden is, such a cutie! We both have full time jobs but are lucky enough to work from home creating out own schedule so that allows for a lot of flexibility. Especially nice when dealing with two reactive dogs. Avery is older and more mellow but Penny needs more exercise. We go for walks or to the park to help wear them out. Mental exercises work great for Penny, so 15 minutes of training and games and she’s good for a little bit.

  6. It’s always gotten to me a little that we have both the time and the desire to walk Silas (my husband would be *thrilled* to go running with him), but Silas does not and never has enjoyed more than a short trip to the park a few times a week. Daily walking isn’t on our radar at all. Instead we do brain and fetch/tug games

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