Snowy days with the dogs

For Virginia, we’ve had a bitterly cold winter this year. Usually, we hover in the mid- to high 30s (F), but over the past month, we’ve been lucky if we get a high of 20 degrees. It is BITTER.

Snow dog yoga. #snowday #germanshepherds #charlottesville

Snow day

Snow day

Snow day

The dogs, however, don’t mind it a bit! I am thankful that they don’t care about the ice, snow, or freezing cold; they still go out and romp in the yard for hours. And they think every (short) excursion is the greatest fun they’ve ever had. Eden in particular likes to eat the snow and scoop it up in her mouth as if she were a little trowel.

Snow day

Do your dogs like winter weather?


4 thoughts on “Snowy days with the dogs

  1. One of my dogs, Dio, does the open-mouth-like-a-shovel thing like Eden. Sometimes it’s the first thing he does instead of going potty! Another dog, Coal, (I have three dogs) looooves to role around. He’ll roll, get up and shake, walk a few steps, and roll again.

  2. Great pictures! Zoey looooves the snow. She would prefer to lie outside in a blizzard than come in and she actually gets really wound up when she can sense a storm coming. That’s when her Shepherd coat actually comes in handy:) Kaya & Norman love to play in the snow but they have to come in if they’re not active or else they’ll freeze their butts off:/

  3. They look like they are having a lot more fun than mine. Okay than half of mine, our lab Wyatt loves the snow and playing in the cold. The Vizsla?? Not so much, and this winter has been TUFF as it’s been so cold too. I am about to get some boots for her so I don’t have to worry about her feet so much.

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