Review: Find Momo

Find Momo: Hide and Seek with an Adventurous Border Collie
Source: Goodreads.

From time to time, I get asked to review dog books, and I confess that I’m usually a bit skeptical. I have (unreasonably) high standards when it comes to books, and I am really an unbearable snob about them. So, I’m always a bit wary about these requests.

But when I was asked to review the new photography book Find Momo, I gave the rep an immediate YES. I was prepared for a cute photography book involving a dog, but I wasn’t prepared for how well done this book was. I was very charmed by it. The photos are beautifully reproduced, and the book has great, clean graphic design. In short, I’m not embarrassed to have it sitting on my coffee table.

Background: Momo is a border collie who garnered Internet fame on Instagram through his owner Andrew Knapp, a traveling photographer. Momo travels around with Knapp, who takes beautiful shots of Momo cleverly disguised in landscapes, city streets, store windows, and so on. It’s like Where’s Waldo? but with an adorable dog (with a really stellar sit/stay, I might add) instead of a weird bespectacled dude.

Our girls don’t quite have Momo’s staying abilities, but they were happy to pose with the book nonetheless. I think it will be a while before they could give Momo a run for his money:

Eden with Find Momo | The Doggerel

(Eden, truthfully, is more interested in finding her ball than in finding Momo.)


Find Momo comes out in March, and you can pre-order it on Amazon and on other booksellers’ sites. I think it would make a great present for any dog lover (especially those with a penchant for border collies), and would even be an ideal gift for kids who love dogs — or anyone who loves “I Spy” or such games with photos. Paws up for Momo! I’m looking forward to continue to follow his journeys online.

Disclosure: We were provided with a review copy of this book in exchange for our honest review.

Unrelated update: Reflecting on the girls’ relationship

Thanks to you all for your wise words and advice regarding my questions about squabbling in a multi-dog household. Hearing from you and reading your anecdotes and experiences was so helpful. Overall, I feel better about the situation, and yesterday and this morning have been really great between the girls. They initiated play with each other in polite and proper ways; they spent time sleeping near each other in the afternoon; and there were no squabbles to speak of.

Lessons learned: Two female dogs are not the most ideal pairing, but dog relationships have more to do with personality than with gender. (I’ve seen two male dogs fight to kill each other; I know of many people with two females who have been perfect together, etc. Every dog is different.) Pyrrha is sensitive and Eden is a feisty puppy, so I think they’re still figuring things out together. After all, yesterday marked just one month with Edie in the house, which is comparatively not a long time. It took Pyrrha some months to truly warm up to some of our fosters (particularly Rainer, who we had for four months). And I think Edie is still learning the ropes of the household. But I have a lot more hope for their relationship.

Going forward: Committing to getting them more exercise, because they get along better when they’ve been physically and mentally engaged; giving them time apart from each other when warranted (for example, Pyrrha will often join me in my studio while I’m working on calligraphy, and Edie has to stay downstairs and play with Guion or go outside); and encouraging good communication between them.

As always, we’re a work in progress over here, but I thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and expertise with me! Means a lot.

7 thoughts on “Review: Find Momo

  1. That book looks so neat! I’m a bit of a book snob too, although I do find my standards are lower when dogs or other animals are involved – it’s the same with movies. I’m delighted to have another beautiful Border Collie to follow on Instagram – thank you!

  2. I’m happy you found all the comments yesterday helpful and not overwhelming.

    Funnily enough (or not so much), we had to break up a near-fight early this morning. Leo got territorial over the bed for some reason. No one was hurt, although the snarling happened right above Rob’s face. He held onto Leo, and I pulled Mia out of the room. We kept them apart for the rest of the night, and when it was time to wake up, I let the dogs out into the yard one at a time and all was forgotten.

    Meanwhile, Rob and I were so shaken, we had trouble falling back asleep.

    Such is the life with two German shepherds, even a brother-sister pair.

  3. That book looks wonderful! I will have to add it to my wish list. Would make a great gift for a friend too. I wish i could come up with an idea like that to make my girl famous lol.

    I need to read backwards a bit in your blog but :

    “Two female dogs are not the most ideal pairing, but dog relationships have more to do with personality than with gender.”

    You hit the nail on the head there. Typically opposites do better more often than not, but it also depends on the dogs involved, especially with breeds such as yours that are not typically all that lovey dovey and social with other dogs. They usually prefer the company of their humans. Unlike the Vizsla who are known to be quite social and playful and I know quite a few who have several boys all living together. Girls are always more difficult though IMO… they don’t get the B title for nothing. My girl sounds like yours a bit, she is very selective and requires a lot of respect and space for new dogs… especially other females. What is funny though is she tends to go the submissive route with shepherds, she was one of the few who could get a pair of shepherds to play at the daycare I worked at.. and even when she matured she never challenged their authority. It’s all about knowing your dog, I am sure your two will figure it out withy our guidance.

    Now off to read more of your posts 😉

  4. Your’s is the second blog I read yesterday re: Finding Momo. It reminds me, without seeing the book but looking at some of the Instagram photos, of Maddie On Things. Both lovely photo books.

  5. Looking forward to checking this one out! Also I didn’t have a chance to add my two cents’ on yesterday’s post, not that you need it. But I think we are on the same page… we have 4 dogs, 2 of each gender, and largely experience a peaceful household. Ironically, the most likely source of tension comes between Tonka (oldest male) and Georgia (oldest female). Management is key. You will soon learn (it took me a few months with each additional dog) the things that are most likely to instigate tension, and be able to dispel it before squabbles occur. For us, it was to intervene when any dog tried to take a resource from another. That way, the other dog didn’t feel the need to resource guard, because they knew we would manage those interactions. It took the pressure off of the pups, which I believe was key! Sounds like you are doing a fantastic job…

    1. Thanks so much for your comments! You have a lot of experience here, so I really appreciate you sharing what you’ve learned. I think we’re figuring that out too, and that’s a great point, of letting them know that we’ll be there to manage tension — so they don’t feel like they have to. Much appreciated!

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