February dog training goals

Here are our training goals for February!

Couch time with the #germanshepherds.
They’re both drowsy here, which is probably why their expressions convey such crankiness.

February Goals for Pyrrha

  • “Wait.” We’ve been working on this for a while, and I think she’s finally getting it, but we need to generalize this command to other places. So far, we’ve just been practicing it in the basement, and now I think she thinks it’s just a basement activity.
  • Continue working on crate-exiting calmness.
  • Continue working on classical conditioning protocol for perceiving small children.
  • “Leave it!” Pyrrha could also use a refresher on this command; we don’t practice it enough with her (probably because she doesn’t have the same inclination as the puppy does to put everything in her mouth).

February Goals for Eden

  • Recall. Generalize this command; keep practicing it when she’s barking pointlessly in the yard.
  • “Go to your mat.” Teach her to go to her place and then chill out there. Should also probably get her a more substantial dog bed than an old quilt…
  • Tolerating grooming/handling behaviors, such as letting someone grab her paws, open her mouth, look at her teeth, groom her, etc. She’s a very people-friendly dog, but she doesn’t seem to have been exposed to much of this. Most recently, I’ve been clicking and treating her for her permitting me to open her mouth and look at her teeth.
  • Curbing the counter-surfing. Arrgggh.
  • Continuing to work on not jumping on people.
  • “Leave it!”

What do you hope to teach your dogs in February?


9 thoughts on “February dog training goals

  1. What do you use “wait” for? I use “wait” and “stay”, with “wait” meaning “hold on a sec” and “stay” meaning “you have to be there until I say otherwise”.

    I recently did an evaluation of What Everyone Knows and was sheepish. I realized I’m going to have to rename some poisoned cues, and reinforce some cues I thought they were solid in. Oops. Yesterday I was working with them and thought “how can I do this multiple times a day?!” The answer is: I can’t. I feel kinda bad about that.

  2. I’m working to re-condition Silas’s reaction to his harness, the mere appearance of which flattens him to the ground in a panic. We’ve been having such a run of terrible weather that I haven’t been taking him out, which makes it a perfect time. (That is, I don’t have to just get the harness on him no matter what.)

    Good luck!

  3. We’re working on what “Go Lay Down” means to Elka and to us. Something seems to have gotten lost in communication along the way….

  4. Wow that sounds like a lot to take on for a month, kudos to you. A great place to use the “wait” is doorways, or at least it really comes in handy at doors. And as Miranda was saying, I use wait as a more temporary thing they know it won’t be for long… stay is much more formal and I make a point to not ever call them from a “stay.” If I know I will need to call them from it I will just tell them wait instead.

    What are we going to tackle? I want to work on rear end awareness, so it helps with the idea of perching for Luna. I need to let her feet heal a tiny bit more from our romp this weekend then we can start. I will also continue to work on her relaxing on a mat.

    Good luck!

  5. I like the idea of “crate exiting calmness” training. Reggie often rushes out when I open the door and then he’s starting out too excited. It would help a great deal if he was calm when the door open. I think it takes a lot of conditioning and training.
    Great post.

  6. We’re going to keep working on “on it” but raising the bar, so to speak. I want her to be able to stand on the edge of a hospital bed eventually. And hopefully one of these days we’re going to be able to start walking more and getting our Idita Walk Minutes in! Gah! Curse this weather!

  7. Josie ate half of our pork loin the other day when we weren’t looking. She and Edie could start a counter surfers club! I’m working on no longer letting her on the couch, and we really need to work on the jumping.

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