Eden’s parents

We have the unusual experience of having two rescue dogs and knowing their origins and actual birth dates. (This is clearly made easier by the fact that they are both purebred and registered, which is not in itself an advantage, but it just means that record-keeping is more expected.)

With Eden, we also received her pink papers (her German pedigree, issued by Vereine für Deutsche Schäferhunde, the organization that oversees GSD breeding in Germany). This was exciting to me, because we had a few more clues as to where our little girl came from.

The Internet is a wonderful place, because even though I can’t speak or read a lick of German, I was able to decipher the papers and figure out who her parents were (and thus the name of the kennel she came from).

So, here are some photos of Eden’s mom and dad!

Eden's sire.
Eden’s sire, Acky.
Eden's dam, Yvi.
Eden’s dam, Yvi.

Sweet Yvi! Eden looks SO much like her mama. I think it’s so cute. The wrinkles in the face! Don’t you think they look so related? I also love the description of her having “a very loving temperament.” Even though we did not get to meet either of these dogs, seeing their faces makes me feel happy about Eden’s future with us.

Eden standing, 6 months old
Eden, her mama’s lookalike! (With mud on her nose.)

We have never seen Pyrrha’s parents, but the rescue brought in a number of her relatives, all of whom had similar dispositions (very fearful but very gentle; very unlikely to display fear-aggression) and coat colors (light black and tans, almost black and creams).

Do you know what your dog’s parents looked like? Do you see any family resemblance? If not, do you ever imagine what your dog’s parents looked like?

8 thoughts on “Eden’s parents

  1. All of our dogs at this point are rescues, but Jeni is AKC registered and I know all about her parents and her background situation, which I actually think is awesome. Especially as I have gotten involved in the Icelandic Sheepdog world I have met a lot of people who own her relatives and I think it is so much fun getting to know the different lines and seeing how Jeni reflects the dogs in her past. I don’t have any recent pictures of her actual parents which is a bummer, but I have seen her grandparents on both sides and littermates of both her mom and dad. The puppy we have been showing, Asta, is related to her (Jeni’s grandpa is Asta’s mom’s littermate), and the dog we may get a puppy from this year is Jeni’s cousin (Jeni’s mom’s littermate is her mom). It’s very fun to be able to research their past.

  2. I’d of course so love to see Ruby’s parents but know it’s impossible. I am so interested in this sort of thing and have done a lot of research on my horses, since they are registered. Eden does so look like her mother!

  3. It’s nice that you can look back and see her past, and see that it looks good. Although my mind still boggles that someone who would spend so much time and money on getting a great quality puppy, then put her in rescue in just a few months. I’m happy that you’re benefitting from it, though!

  4. Why yes I do! Well, most of them. When we went to the adoption kennel, I met Bunny’s mom in the group of dogs I met that were very sweet but just not “the one” on the same day that I met Bunny, but I didn’t know it until on the way home. Her mother lived to a pretty old age and died just after Blueberry did of osteosarcoma. Flattery looks just like her daddy, Fuzzy’s Cannon. I’ve also met most of Bunny’s littermates and one of Flattery’s sisters. I met both of Küster’s parents before he was born and all of his siblings. Morgan is our only dark horse. We have her registration papers transferred to us, but I haven’t been able to find out much at all about her parents or littermates.

  5. We do not only know the parents of both of our dogs, we also know quite a lot of other relatives and have regular family reunions – which is so fantastic to do, because it shows how much related dogs look like each other and have similar characters, not so unlike we humans do.
    Actually, it’s pretty much the same with our cats: I know their parents very well and have lots of contact with owners of their (half) brothers and – sisters, …
    I’ll try to put a blog post online with photos of our cats’ relatives, so everyone can see the similarities and differences. 🙂
    I think it’s so nice to know where your own pets come from. Eden’s parents look like they are lovely dogs, by th way!!

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