Pax be upon us: Snow day with dogs

On Wednesday evening and Thursday, Pax showed up with a vengeance rather unlike his moniker. The dogs, however, had a marvelous time running around in a foot of snow! (And Guion and I were thankful for a cozy snow day at home.)

More from our snow day

More from our snow day

More from our snow day

Snow day thanks to Pax

One of the great perks of this much snow is that they are so much more tired than usual after a romp in the yard, because running in a foot of snow requires twice as much energy. We were thankful for sleepy pups for the rest of the day!

Sleepy snow day sheps

What do your dogs think of snow? If you’re on the east coast of the US, like us, I imagine Pax hit you too?


7 thoughts on “Pax be upon us: Snow day with dogs

  1. I love the snow pics! Unfortunately I do not get to experience the snow this year since I’m living in San Diego. I’m super jealous! Snow days are the best!

  2. I took some pics from Pax too I have to get edited and up. We got 18 inches (on top of the foot we already had), so the dogs were more swimming than running, but it made for some entertaining photos 🙂 Looks like your crew had fun!

  3. I only love the snow when we’re snowed in – I live almost an hour north of Seattle and I still have to go to work (in Seattle) unless we’re snowed in. I save up vacation days just for heavy snows (although we haven’t had one in 2-3 years here). I love spending the time with the dogs.

    The puppies got to have fun with their big brother and sister in the 2″ we received this year (it was all gone by later afternoon).

  4. It is so nice to see that your dogs behave naturally normal like there was no snow. They appear immune to the cold. They seem to have so much fun just like how we play on the snow. 🙂 Are they brothers?

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