Review and giveaway: Organic Oscar dog shampoo

As I’ve mentioned before, we’re not great about bathing the dogs over here. Bath time has always been traumatic for Pyrrha, despite our best efforts to associate it with fun and treats, so we take her sparingly to a self-serve groomer, where we can get the bath done efficiently.

We don’t have a super set-up for baths in our new home, but we’ve never attempted to bathe Eden before, so we decided it was time to try.

Eden, as I’ve mentioned before, has been a generally itchy puppy. We have her on fish oil, and that has seemed to help a lot (now that we’re three weeks in, I’m seeing a marked difference in both her coat softness and how much she scratches). So, when I won a giveaway from Maggie for Organic Oscar grooming products, I was hopeful that we might receive something that could help our itchy little one.

Organic Oscar I was delighted to receive a set of Organic Oscar’s organic aloe vera shampoo and conditioner, specifically marketed for itchy pups. The products come in these very cute bone-shaped containers and a handy pump dispenser. With our new shampoo and conditioner in hand, we prepared ourselves for BATH TIME.

Bath time for Eden | Doggerel
Yes, ALL of this assembled for bath time. The glass of wine is especially important for the human.

Eden is a generally happy-go-lucky puppy, and so we had a feeling that she’d handle a bath much better than her anxious older sister. Happily, we were right. She didn’t enjoy it, and tried to scamper out of the tub a few times, but she wasn’t frightened. Plus, we were constantly plying her with clicks and treats for calm, compliant behavior, so she was happy to go along with this weird experience.

Bath time for Eden | Doggerel
Guion and Eden in the tub.

We liked using a product that was organic and that was marketed for dogs with itchiness issues. The pump dispenser, as I mentioned, also made it easy to apply on the fly.

Bath time for Eden | Doggerel

Now, the good news: You can win an Organic Oscar product by entering the Rafflecopter giveaway below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

A winner will be randomly selected on Tuesday, 25 February, and contacted via e-mail.

What products do you like to use for bathing your dog?

Disclaimer: We won Organic Oscar shampoo in a giveaway on Oh My Dog!; Organic Oscar is providing this giveaway opportunity to you in exchange for our honest review.


13 thoughts on “Review and giveaway: Organic Oscar dog shampoo

  1. I had a super itchy pup and finally found a food that has literally cured it. Have you talked to your vet about the possibility that’s its allergies? The cure might be as simple as switching food like it was for us!

  2. I have seen that brand around before and considered trying it. Jeni basically never gets a bath because she cleans herself and Bauer is difficult to bathe but Snoopy gets grimy and dandruffy pretty easily so we bathe him every once in a while, and I give a bath to all the fosters that come in right away (shelter stink, yuck!). I may have to give this a try when we run out of our current bottle of shampoo!

  3. I’ve never seen that brand before – looks like a good one! We make bath time easier by smearing peanut butter on the shower walls :). It’s a lot easier to clean up when it’s already in the shower!!

  4. I am lucky because my Geno enjoys a bath but I will be honest…when he was little I used to get in the bath with him so he wouldn’t get so scared and now he loves it.

  5. I’ve used various organic shampoos, inbetween times my 85 pound goes to the groomer for the luxury “spa” treatment! I’m wary about trimming nails and expressing anal glands so off she goes a couple of times a year. When I home bathe I also use coconut oil sparingly, it’s good for her coat and skin.

  6. We’re currently using Eco-Me dog shampoo. Bear has severely itchy skin, and a bi-weekly bath seems to keep things in check. Since he’s a senior, we’re now putting a towel in the bottom of the tub to avoid him slipping. He is much more willing to step inside knowing he’ll have stable footing. Maybe that would help P? That’s how I bathe puppies too! They’re terrible in the tub 😉

  7. Our chihuahua loves the bath, she actually walks around in the water, it’s so sweet! The others, well we just have to go ‘fast’ to make it more pleasant!

  8. I’ve been using Paul Mitchell for dogs products, I’m open to a more eco friendly and organic product for my dog to experience.

  9. Love the idea of dog shampoo with a pump top – brilliant! We like pairing baths with good things (classical conditioning happens all the time, right?) One awesome tip that I’ve tried, with success, is smearing peanut butter in a line along the tub wall at the dog’s nose-height. The peanut butter keeps the dog busy and standing (mostly) still, while reinforcing those same behaviors. It doesn’t work for a dog who is deeply fearful or uncomfortable with bathing, but for dogs who are new to the experience it’s worked out quite well! (I should also mention that it’s a bad idea to put food on your shower or tub if you use chemical cleaners to keep your bathroom tidy, as you don’t want your dog to ingest them. You could use the sticky plastic wrap or a clean bath mat stuck to the side of the tub as a “plate” if this is the case.)

  10. I think it’s awesome that you use organic dog shampoo. A lot of people don’t even think about this for their pets, even if they use organic for themselves. Very cool to sponsor the giveaway too. Awesome strategy to grow your blog.

  11. I drag my other half in to help and bribery works well! promises of a biscuit is the only way to get threw the bathing process. Muffin is not keen.

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