Review: Wysong Dream Treats

I’ve always been interested in raw food for the dogs. I don’t think we have the budget, courage, or freezer space to attempt it right now, but I have read a lot about its benefits, and I know many of you love raw feeding (for good reasons). So, although we aren’t feeding raw now, we are still committed to high-quality food and treats.

Wysong Dream Treats | Doggerel

That said, I was interested for the dogs to try these treats from Wysong, a company that I was previously unfamiliar with. The treats are marketed as “raw meat” treats, and we tried the chicken variety. I think one of the most interesting aspects of these treats is that they are suitable for dogs, cats, and ferrets. I love that; I don’t think I’ve ever seen treats that were sold that way, and it surprises me that more pet products aren’t, as so many households have more than one type of animal. While we don’t have cats or ferrets in our household (which is good for the longevity of any such cats or ferrets), I can imagine this product would be appealing to people who had multiple types of pets in their home.

Wysong Dream Treats | Doggerel

The treats come in these large, soft discs, which are easy to feed as a big single-serve treat or to break up into tiny bits. The girls, of course, love them! The chicken Dream Treats are currently selling for $10.39 per bag at

If you have multiple types of pets in your household, do you have any treats you feed them that all the animals can eat?

Disclosure: provided us with a bag of these treats in exchange for our honest review.

10 thoughts on “Review: Wysong Dream Treats

  1. We received the rabbit Dream Treats from Chewy, and they were a big hit with two of mine. My big boy has yeast and coconut allergies (process of elimination diagnosis) and due to the yeast in these, he could not have them. It is always fun, attempting to scrutinize treat labels, occasionally in dimly lit stores, to make certain they are suitable for all three of my dogs.

  2. My background is in journalism and specifically covering the pet industry. The reason you don’t see more treats marketed this way is that pet owners actually don’t like the idea of feeding the same food or treat to multiple types of pets. Cat owners, in particular, want to know that the things they give kitty are formulated specifically FOR kitty, since cats actually have very different nutritional needs than dogs. It also presents a marketing problem.

    From a retail perspective (for a non-online store), where do you put a product like this? The dog section? the Cat section? the ferret section? All 3? Now you’re taking up extra floor space and have to carry much more of this one product, without a guarantee that it’ll sell that well. What if there’s a recall or it turns out to be a flop?

    You can start to see why more companies choose to just print a few different labels 😉

  3. They look good! How big is the bag though? Shelby can go through an entire roll of Natural Balance in one training session lol!

    1. Haha, I believe you! The bag is 5 ounces, and I’d say it’s filled pretty generously with the discs. I think you could possibly get as much from a bag as a Natural Balance roll? Maybe?

  4. Wysong is my favorite dog foods. When I only had my first 2, then 4 dogs, it’s what I fed them. With now 16, it’s cost prohibitive but look forward to the day I can go back to Wysong. Glad the girls enjoyed this. Do you like Have you looked at Petflow?

    1. Great to hear! I can’t imagine what is affordable with 16! 😉 I LOVE Chewy. I do reviews for them, but completely personally, their service is above-and-beyond amazing, and I think their prices are extremely competitive. And they don’t ask me to say that!

  5. Well, on occasion we share yogurt with the dogs, if that counts! lol

    We recently tried some raw treats that I think are similar to these and they were very popular here. I’ve been trying to find a place to get more with no luck. These just might fit the bill!

  6. We have dogs, cats and chickens at the moment. We used to have rabbits as well, but they unfortunately passed away.
    So in the house we’ve now got 4 cats and 2 dogs and yes, they sometimes get the same treats. I always have dried meat treats in the house, which they are both allowed to eat and something they also love, is canned tuna fish (not in oil though, only the cans with tuna kept on water).
    Other treats they all love, is yoghurt or very occasionally a little bit of ice cream. 🙂

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