One reason for dressing well

Theda Bara with a dog, c. 1915. Click for source.
Theda Bara with a dog, c. 1915. Click for source.

“There is one other reason for dressing well, namely that dogs respect it, and will not attack you in good clothes.”

— Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Happy Friday!

I think this quote is hilarious, even if it’s definitely untrue in my experience! Eden always seems to know when I’m in my (finally pressed and lint/fur-rolled) work clothes and sees that as a great time to pounce.

For a season last year, I went through a fleeting obsession with fashion and dressing well. But then we got a second German shepherd, and all style aspirations went out the window. I recently canceled my Vogue subscription, finally realizing, “This publication is NOT for me. I come home from work and put on my ‘dog jeans’ and a flannel shirt. I’ve never worn a single designer dress and probably never will.” Maybe people who have tiny dogs can be fashionable, but I don’t think it’s in the cards for me.

1926: Mrs H Bebbington and her Great Dane Hereward of Cubourough at the Croydon Dog Show.
Mrs. H. Bebbington and her Great Dane at the Croydon Dog Show, c. 1926. Click for source.

What do you think? Are fashion sense and dog ownership at odds with one another?

6 thoughts on “One reason for dressing well

  1. I don’t know if fashion sense and dogs are at odds. I think that dogs just don’t care. They love you and want to say hello or want to be petted and don’t care how you are dressed.

  2. For a while I got really in to fashion, too, (complete with Vogue subscription) and was doing a lot of “Outfit of the Day” photo posts on my Livejournal. My elkhound always got in the pictures with me – it was so cute. These days I leave the house less and it just seems like too much effort. I have two closets full of clothes, so many of which I will probably never have the opportunity to wear.

  3. My only fashion sense these days is that the color of my (winter) coat should match the color of my dog. It’s just easier that way. A camel coat and a brown dog go just fine together.

  4. I’ve pulled away from being fashionable for many reasons. Dogs are just one.

    But I do have a fun dog and fashion story. I read a book by a woman who bred and trained Irish Wolfhounds. She taught her dogs that they could jump up on her to say hello if she was wearing pants but not if she was wearing a dress or skirt.

    Clever, huh?

    Unfortunately, she could not teach them the difference between jeans and dress pants.

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