Eternal winter

I know I can’t be the only one who feels like this has been the longest winter ever. Even the dogs seem tired of the snow:

Snow pups

I’m thankful that they still like to go out and romp in it, but they seem a bit bored with the white stuff and the constant bitter temperatures. I have poor circulation in my extremities, so I can’t go out much in the very cold, which makes our walks less frequent.

Eternal winter

Mercifully, Fiona is only a few blocks away, so she comes over to romp for a few hours, sun or snow.

Late winter in the southeast US is much like a bad boyfriend. One week, he’s so sweet and temperate, and you think everything is finally going to turn around with you two. And then the next week, he’s back to being a total jerk, ruining your life at every turn. It’s enough to give you whiplash. Saturday, for instance, we had sunshine and 60 degrees (F). It was beautiful. We played with the dogs, and Guion built our garden fence, to prepare us for spring gardening. And then… this morning… more terrible snow.

More snow

We’re hibernating, we’re enduring. How are you and  your pups making this long winter feel less long?

(And if you live in some warm place like Florida or Australia, just… hush.)

Winter forever

12 thoughts on “Eternal winter

  1. We had a very cold weekend with highs in the twenties. Ruby was thankfully still tired from our week-long house-guest so the two of us snuggled up for a Six Feet Under marathon. I’m definitely over winter – I’m a Colorado native who has never quite made peace with the season!

    1. Highs in the twenties are so depressing. That sounds like a fun marathon, though! Sometimes it can be nice to have these peaceful days trapped in the house… but I am starting to feel the pangs of cabin fever!

  2. Heck, even Florida has gotten snow this year.

    Honey loves the snow. But I have noticed a strange behavior change in her. Instead of going all the way to the back of the yard to pee, she’s been going very close to the house.

    I think she’s tired of slipping and sinking into the deep snow.

    Only 17 days until spring!

  3. Very quietly, I am blowing some warmer air your way… Sorry for your terrible winter that keeps popping up! I know that can be especially rough for some people. 😦 Here’s a warm Arizona hug! 🙂

  4. We’re currently at day 5 of -34 (-30F) so I relate so very strongly to this! Bully sticks inside were a theme for the weekend for sure! Even 5 degrees warmer would have meant for more time outside for me and the dogs. I cannot wait for warmer, even if it does mean melting and muddy! Bring it on!

  5. Honestly, I’m not handling it well anymore. I like being able to get out and see the sights of winter, but this year it’s been too brutal for much of that. It’s sucked my soul dry. I have been sick for months now and I have to fight every day just to get out of bed. I’ve given up hope of Spring at this point.

  6. This makes me think of last Winter here in Belgium. We had snow almost all Winter long… We did go on many long walks through the snow, but in the end, Killian grew tired of it as well (Ophelia wasn’t born yet 🙂 ). There was even still snow at Easter!!
    This Winter is completely the opposite: very mild temperatures and the past few months we’ve had plenty of rain and wind. Since last week, though, things have turned around and it seems like Spring is already here. I wonder how long it will last…

  7. Oh, I’m DEFINITELY tired of the winter, and Elka definitely is too. She minces out into the backyard, potties, and comes right back inside past me. It’s a ridiculous relief when it’s actually in the 30’s, and even that has been few and far between.

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