Review: NutriSource training treats

We are always on the hunt for soft, tiny training treats around here! As I mentioned earlier, we have “training stations” in many areas of our house, so having a stash of small, chewy treats is important to us. I also take a lot of soft treats with us in our bait bag on every walk, which we use to reward Eden for polite leash behavior and to continue our classical conditioning protocol with Pyrrha’s reactivity.

Review of NutriSource training treats | Doggerel

So, I was excited for the girls to try this offering from; they got to sample NutriSource Soft & Tender Chicken Dog Treats. A 6-oz. bag sells for $3.29, which is quite affordable, by way of high-quality training treats. (I’m used to shelling out $5 to $7 for a bag of well-made, healthy, soft training treats.) I have never bought a NutriSource product for our dogs before, so I was eager to check these treats out.

Review of NutriSource training treats | Doggerel

The tiny bones are soft and very easy to break in two. They’re also not too crumbly, so they will make for perfect training treats.

Review of NutriSource training treats | Doggerel
Mostly in-focus photo of the girls, vying for their treats.

The dogs, as you can see, were very eager to try them! Chicken is the first ingredient, followed by pea flour and barley flour.

I also like that these treats are made in the United States. While that fact is not a necessary guarantee of quality, it’s a heck of a lot better than any pet product that comes from China.

What’s your go-to brand for training treats?

Disclosure: We were provided with a bag of these treats from in exchange for our honest review.


3 thoughts on “Review: NutriSource training treats

  1. Your girls are so cute! One of my go-to brands for training treats is Zukes. Hopefully they will stay good quality, made-in-US treats – worrisome that they were bought out. Now I have to start reading their labels again and make sure they don’t change!

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